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  1. SparkyII

    Opponent wanted for F2F, Kent UK

    Hi all. I'm looking for a regular F2F ASL opponent. I'm based in Medway in Kent. I'm free most evenings and weekends. I'm relatively new, 9 games in, so skill-wise inf:ok guns:ok vehicles:shaky (played one scenario). Please do get in touch if you are interested and nearby, and we'll sort...
  2. SparkyII

    Shrubbery Rules Anyone?

    An MMC crossing a shrubbery adjacent to any building will cause all subsequent civilian interrogation attempts to be treated as if they are occurring in a hostile country.(E2.4)
  3. SparkyII

    Vinyl table top protectors

    The underlay mat is a good idea... I've been using catering style tablecloth clips on the vinyl to keep it flat and in place: The only downside I've found with the clear vinyl is that it is a bit prone to...