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  1. Chas

    Corregidor Preorder

    The long awaited release and preorder for our Corregidor the Rock (CtR) is up for preorder. Counters are at the printers, anticipate everything else will be early next week.
  2. Chas

    Onslaught to Orsha

    Gents, There has much interest in making Onslaught to Orsha available again, and it kills me that it has been unavailable for so long. We had initially thought of releasing this as part of our East Front project, but with the interest we have decided to make this an upcoming release as a stand...
  3. Chas

    RBF 5

    Gentlemen, Years ago we obtained the rights for the “Recon by Fire” magazine. With some recent submissions, and several scenarios that have been sitting ‘final’ for years, it is the appropriate time for us to release RBF 5. Cannot state specifically the exact content, but will contain at a...
  4. Chas

    BFP Travel Baseball Fundraiser

    Gentlemen, It is that time for the annual Vipers travel team donation fundraiser. The support from the ASL community over the past several years has been tremendous, and I cannot thank everyone enough. The support has been instrumental to the team's continued success year after year. At this...
  5. Chas

    BFP Black Friday 2017

    Please check out Thursday morning. Should have discounts, a few out of print items, and early sales discounts. Chas
  6. Chas

    Blood & Jungle and CoS on Preorder

    Gentlemen, We are very pleased to announce the start of the preorder process for the reprints of both Blood and Jungle and Crucible of Steel. All known errata has been incorporated and several scenarios have been tweaked. If you were one of the people that previously responded with your...
  7. Chas

    BFP Travel Baseball Prizes and Fundraiser

    Gentlemen, We are once again conducting the annual donation fundraiser for the travel baseball team. I cannot thank everyone enough for the outstanding support from the ASL community over the years. Our basic costs to just run the team are approximately $12,000 per season (tournament feeds...
  8. Chas

    ITR 2 Preorder

    Gentlemen, Anticipating that ITR 2 should be up for Preorder within 24 hours at: Chas
  9. Chas

    Travel Baseball 2013

    After a month of weekly pitching and batting lessons, and then several practices we played our first loooong scrimmage game. Although it really was only 4 innings. Pitchers did not live up to what they have been doing, but this is mostly just getting over nerves, which we also had on...
  10. Chas

    Little League: 2012

    Well, I was hoping there would be some other coaches out there. Anyway most of my ASL time for the next several months is gone. Baseball is a 7 day a week adventure. Rattlers: Normal 11U Minors Little League team. Very inexperienced but good group of kids. I have one kid who is a stud...
  11. Chas

    Little League Changes 2012

    For any of you that are interested, coach, or have kids playing, here are some things for upcoming season. Huge rules change. For ALL Majors/12Under play, third strike rule just like MLB is in effect. For Minors/11Under play this is formally in effect for tournament type play (all-stars...
  12. Chas

    Madden 2006 create a playbook

    In previous versions the created playbooks automatically loaded and were available in the franchise mode. Cant seem to get my playbook to even be a choice for 2006 franchise. Can anyone offer any help? Thanks, chas