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    Sadly accurate

    Trump is the truest representation of his supporters deepest hopes. He will never lose them as a voting block. Republicans that think differently and say so will lose every fight within that party now, as the party has become that representation as well. The Nationalist's Delusion
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    R Kelly to run for senator

    In the state of Alabama, where almost all republicans vote for child molesters for senator.
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    Hillary speaks from jail

    How many Trumps will end up in jail in the next five years? Over/under of 2 I'd guess.
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    Has anyone in the trumpite world ever told the truth to congress?

    You cannot throw a stone in Trump Tower without hitting someone that has lied to congress. Here's the millionaire (billionaire?) head of a mercenary group buddy buddy with the republicans getting called out for lying on the air. The funny things are that they lied to a friendly congress, and...
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    North Korea posts message to Trump

    By rebuilding a launch site. Meanwhile, joint military operations are no more between South Korea and the USA. That's dealmaking! In another thread, I wondered why republicans became such toadies for Trump. I can see now that they are just emulating Trump's toady behavior to dictators. Too bad...
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    House Judiciary Committee's Investigations

    Talking Points Memo did a fine job in organizing the investigatory threads the House of Representative's Judiciary Committee are following. The article describes each thread and links to a list of documents and involved individuals that they want to see/speak with. Here's the summary list: The...
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    Institutional school funding racism

    Because even class distinguishes between the color of your skin. And most republicans think it is right and fitting. Because, you know, white. "Researchers at EdBuild went a step further, comparing poor nonwhite school districts to poor white school districts. They found that on average, the...
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    Willful ignorance

    Is willful ignorance a form of gross negligence? It seems to me that most republicans are playing stupid. I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt. But that leads into the realm of the moral complicity of willful ignorance. History has damned the German people for claiming ignorance of the...
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    It's a person, not an object

    Mark Meadows' recent performance in the house was pretty indicitive of the problem with the republican party and race. To drag a black employee in to show how your boss isn't a racist is one of those really sad indications that you're a racist. Here's a good op ed about the tokenism. See link...
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    Just another week in Caligula's Rome

    David Brooks on Newshour, who is wrong in the sense that republican congressmen had much in the way of decency to begin with, and wrong in that there is some kind of unseen hand of justice that's going to pay the bad people back for their immorality. Still, it's good to see a republican state...
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    Pot calling the white enameled kettle, black

    Wow, real election fraud that affected the results, and guess who did it? Yes, the party that's trying to keep people from voting by pretending there is voting fraud is responsible for election fraud. Trump, who tweets about the Oscars more than election fraud, was silent, as are most...
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    Never disagree with the family

    Here's Trump disagreeing with his own negotiator in front of the people they're negotiating with. What a deal maker . . .
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    Foundations of the religious right in the USA

    Straightforward piece explaining why the mostly southern religious right banded together over abortion. Race, not abortion, was the founding issue of the religious right
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    Decoding the new right youth

    I think that this video is pretty informative about the new right's political goals: act like schoolchildren to get a rise out of the adults in the room.
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    Wondering why some British people do not like Trump?

    From a facebook posting referred to at Note I don't think non-British people view British people as this person does, but some of it is very true.
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    Trump reaches for dictatorship

    Everytime a republican falsely accused a democrat of something, it was because they were doing it themselves. The checks and balances of the constitution were the targets of the republican party the whole time. With one declaration, the republicans have led the way to showing a president...
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    Help ignore feature

    How do you put someone on ignore? I cannot seem to find the link anywhere. As an aside, the help section is pretty poor. I assume it's cookie cutter that has to be tailored to the flavor of forum software and software customization, which I assume is never done.
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    The Coal Industry Catches a Break

    So coal miners are at risk of a deathly debilitating disease, Black Lung (Coal workers' pneumoconiosis). Unions and progressives eventually got the industry to pay for workers whose lives are destroyed by Black Lung by instituting an excise tax on coal went to the Black Lung Disability Trust...
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    After all this time

    It's sad that after all these years 30% of the US population hate democracy. They'll gleefully tell you we live in a republic. And they worship the rich like the rich were a class annoited by God, just as the kings and lords of a monarchy are set apart and chosen to lead by God.
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    Dissolve the senate

    By 2050 70% of Americans will live in just 20 states. That means that 30% of the population will have a filibuster proof majority in the senate, as well as massively disproportionate power in the electoral college. A "deserted states" president could easily be elected with less than 40% of the...