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    AAR - Blood On The Tracks - RO1

    Have to say I agree. In my playing, I can’t say that Major Issues should have done anything substantially different as the attacker, but it was clear pretty early on that the Germans were not going to get close.
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    AAR - Red Factories

    Nice write up. Totally agree about Blood On the Tracks. Played it today with the Russians. I set up most of the mines and wire in the row E road and contested the initial crossing. The Germans did some damage here and there, but never really caught up. Seems pretty tough for them.
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    AAR - The Playing Field - RO6

    I might have stood a better chance if I had read the VC beforehand. However, I like to play ASL “single blind,” where only my opponent understands the victory conditions.
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    176 The Only Way Out

    I took on ASL returnee Joe Markham in this one yesterday. It features a German infantry column being discovered and attacked by the Finns while retreating up a road between a hill and a river. To win the Germans need to exit at least 10 cvp off the North edge, and have more cvp total than the...
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    FFE:C and the New Extent of Error

    This question has come up in each of my last two games. I thought I understood this, but since both of my recent opponents had the same different interpretation, I am questioning my rules reading. There is an FFE:C on board. You have contact and access and you want to move it. I always...
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    Gloster Hill 217: a warning after a botched playing

    I can't find Foresighting in the RB. Is that in Chapter E?
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    OS-13 The Route

    How dare you
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    OS-13 The Route

    I would just add that the American troops who hung on at the east end of level two and caused those multi-turn melees were the real heroes of the American side. They not only caused casualties but delayed the general advance towards the church. It was probably a mistake to be so eager to get...
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    Possess/Place DC

    ...uh.. because he stated it pretty explicitly? I'm not talking about the OP. I'm talking about von Marwitz's post, which I believe is what JRV was responding to,
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    Possess/Place DC

    I don't think that in his hypothetical, VM is saying that anyone was eliminated. Just that a unit dropped the SW. (i.e, voluntarily.)
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    Is Inherent Terrain "directly attached"?

    Rulebook pretty explicitly says 'yes.' B25.62
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    ASLOK XXXII - Official TD AAR

    Many thanks to Bret & Bill. Great time, really stupid fun. I had the Americans against Mr Cirillo in Rockets Red Glare a few years back, and it took him about 12 minutes to dice up my attack. I'm installing him as the 3-2 favorite based on that. Good luck to both! Side note: I seemed to have...
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    Confused by D2.6

    How about this: I enter the hex with the last MP, and attempt ESB to exit....hoping for a breakdown.
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    Ye owd sniper morality question...

    AS lightspeed noted above, they really are pretty different. Modifiers are not optional. Both players should be working together to get the rules right. On the other hand there may be a strategy to having a tank CE. He might be trying to get road rate, or suck up a sniper shot to preserve a 10-2...
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    Does a wreck provide TEM for an AFV?

    With a name like 'Nearmiss,' I would think that question would be right in your wheelhouse.
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    ASLOK Mini-Tournament scenarios.....mid September?

    Rats. Saw the thread title and got excited for a second....
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    Ye owd sniper morality question...

    Obviously we are all ultimately on the honor system, but yes. He should have pointed out the rout. Routing in that situation is a requirement of the rules, it's not optional. The same with snipers. Both players should feel obligated to apply the rules as best they can.
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    LLMC and fanatics

    If they are both fanatic, then yes. The RB stresses the phrase "currently lower morale." The base morale does not apply. The fact that the leader died from wound severity doesn't matter (unless he was previously wounded.) I think it would be a pretty hard case to make that being killed by wound...
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    Set DC detonation

    I think it reads like this : Q: May a unit detonate a DC under normal circumstances even if they are subject to VBM freeze? A: A unit that "does not have the freedom to attack units in other Locations while its own Location is occupied by a Known enemy unit" (A7.212) cannot detonate a Set DC...
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    The summer of 100K

    We're all novices. ASL is like golf: there are only a handful of people in the world who are really good at it. The rest of us are all just weekend duffers.