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  1. bprobst

    Is a hex adjacent to itself?

    They can be, but are not necessarily so. Ground-level and 1st-level of a multi-level building would be adjacent, but ground level and 2nd-level (or higher) would not be. The concept of hexes side-by-side remains, but they are in the vertical plane (as if the boards were three-dimensional). I...
  2. bprobst

    Is a hex adjacent to itself?

    Firstly, when discussing ADJACENT, never ever talk about "hexes". You are always talking about "Locations". DO NOT CONFUSE THESE TWO TERMS. As JR has alluded to above, there are many examples where it is important in actual game play as to whether units in the same Location are "ADJACENT"...
  3. bprobst

    Red Factories overlays

    Probably best to cut each hex of the map individually, and then screw them into the table. The screw heads become the new centre dots.
  4. bprobst

    AREA : a small info

    Maybe, but for me to underestimate its value I would first have to understand what its value is supposed to be. Nobody has yet managed to explain that elusive quality. I would want to look up my AREA rating because I am interested in ... what, exactly? I would want to look up someone else's...
  5. bprobst

    AREA : a small info

    Err ... has it? The whole ASL community? Every single ASL player, everywhere in the world? I think you are grossly overestimating the value of the system, even it were functioning perfectly and completely, 100% up-to-date -- and of course neither of those things are true. Personally, I'm...
  6. bprobst

    AREA : a small info

    I'll bet you $10,000 dollars that he doesn't. I'd be quite surprised to discover, for instance, that the AREA ratings have ever included the results of any Australian tournament. I'd be astonished to learn that the results for every other tournament played anywhere in the world, no matter...
  7. bprobst

    Malayan Campaign Scenario Recommendations

    Umm ... the St Louis Club's Burma package is an excellent ASL product, but Malaya and Burma are different countries. The OP request was for Malayan Campaign scenarios, not any old PTO offerings.
  8. bprobst

    Madmen Cometh, July 26-28 2019, Singapore

    I would not characterise that as a true statement, unless by "all" you mean "some". The general practice in most Australian tournaments is to not tell the participants what the scenarios are until they turn up on the day. I don't know enough about the specifics for tournaments in other regions...
  9. bprobst

    ROK Japanese MTR

    Huh. Clearly I was missing something, as I had yet another look at the ROK dm weapon counters and this time managed to spot the dm 50mm MTR counters that I failed to see on several previous attempts.
  10. bprobst

    Forgotten War counters expanded into regular ASL

    Why would we expect that? (I have no idea what the 2-8 LMG is supposed to represent.)
  11. bprobst

    ROK Japanese MTR

    Finally getting around to sorting my KW counters. Did I miss something, or are there no dm 50mm MTR counters for ROK? There's no ordnance notes indicating that they can't be dm. I had ... questions ... regarding some of the SW counter allocations for the various nationalities ("Why are BCFK...
  12. bprobst

    When you just can't find that perfect board

    Remembering that the scenario was originally designed over 20 years ago and the choices for available boards were fewer.
  13. bprobst

    SK stile map #41?

    Education isn't useful? You feel that you're better off not knowing how to spell? That's a terrible way to go through life. I don't think you understand what "troll" means, either. Hint: just because you receive a reply that isn't to your taste doesn't mean it's "trolling". I hate bad...
  14. bprobst

    Protocol for traveling to ASL tournament?

    I took my ASL "travel set" with me to Manila. Now, the travel set is always customised so that I only take what I need -- which requires advance notice of what bits will be required. Any way, since the travel set is just one large bag, I submit it as luggage and cross my fingers. For an...
  15. bprobst

    SK stile map #41?

    It's spelt style. A stile is a passage through or over a fence.
  16. bprobst

    Red Factories Table?

    What glue do you use to hold the counters onto the monitor? For that matter, how do you stack the counters? Nails would probably work, but there's a slight chance that you might damage the cardboard.
  17. bprobst

    New forum themes now available

    So maybe you should stop installing new themes ...? So maybe you should stop installing new themes ...? Or perhaps find someone else who can judge, because it's not rocket science. Some colour combinations work well and some don't. This has been known to humanity for at least the last 1000...
  18. bprobst

    Can a DC Hero Drop a DC?

    I suppose that is true also. It's kind of a moot point now any way. The rules are what they are (or, at least, they are once we get errata for them). Still interested to know which rule permits a wounded DC Hero to carry more than his IPC during a Banzai Charge ...?
  19. bprobst

    Can a DC Hero Drop a DC?

    Well, it isn't official, so there's that. It becomes official when it becomes errata, i.e., it exists in my rulebook. There's no "precedence" involved. It's either in the rulebook or it isn't. Be that as it may I'm happy to accept the spirit of the unofficial Q&A in the meantime and eagerly...
  20. bprobst

    Can a DC Hero Drop a DC?

    You didn't ask whether he is forced to drop the DC when wounded, since he is performing a Banzai Charge and carrying more than your IPC is prohibited in a Banzai Charge? I have no objection to the answer (of course, it isn't real until errata is issued) but it is disappointing in that it still...