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  1. Philippe D.

    [Red Barricades/Factories] Sewer emergence into Cellars

    I seemed to remember that there was a rule for Sewer emergence into RB/RF Cellars, but today, when I looked for it, I couldn't find it. Will an unpinned, unbroken squad in a RB cellar prevent a Sewer unit under it from emerging there? (I thought there was a rule allowing it, but maybe I just...
  2. Philippe D.

    Embankment Railroads - inherent terrain?

    My understanding of the EmRR rules is that they are equivalent to Hillocks for LOS purposes, and Hillocks are Inherent terrain. I didn't manage to find an exception in the Railroad rules. This has strange consequences, such as an EmRR sometimes blocking LOS that does not cross the railroad...
  3. Philippe D.

    Probably a stupid prerequisite problem (VASSAL won't start)

    My laptop (running linux) had to be updated (to Ubuntu 18.04 version). The systems guys at my job do this by restarting from a clean slate, so I had backed up all my data, including VASL. But for some reason, VASSAL doesn't start anymore. When I try to launch the engine (, 3.2.17...
  4. Philippe D.

    Drive for Saint Lo TM rules: LVP

    I am trying to decide whether to try the Bloody Buron or Drive for Saint-Lo TM, and while skimming the rules for Saint-Lo, I noticed something a bit unclear. Is the LVP value of a hex always equal to the number of playable locations in it, or does it change if that number changes? If the...
  5. Philippe D.

    "Adjacent" to a hexside road? (VCs in STL12 "What Doesn't Kill You")

    Hi all, The VCs in scenario STL12 "What doesn't kill you" involve units "on or adjacent to the X-Y road". The road contains some hexside roads (it is on board 59). How should this be interpreted? It seems pretty clear that a hex with one road hexside qualifies; what about a hex that is only...
  6. Philippe D.

    "Side X sets up as if Side Y enter from offboard" and Bore Sighting

    Say a SSR specifies that one side sets up as if the opponent entered from offboard (example I have in mind: BtB3 Kraut Corner). Does it make this side the Scenario Defender, and allow Bore Sighting? Or does it just allow additional concealment prior to the other player doing his setup?
  7. Philippe D.

    Hedges along Sunken roads

    Board 55 has some hedges bordering Sunken roads. My understanding is that a unit in Crest status in such a Sunken road can claim Wall Advantage over such a hedge (as per B9.6 Hillside Hedge/Wall), is this correct? (I don't think Bocage rules would change the answer; the board sure does look like...
  8. Philippe D.

    Crew/HS and Inherent FP

    Another one in my ongoing series "and here I thought I knew the basic rules of the game"... I am not sure anymore that I understand how Crew/HS Inherent FP (and its interaction with SW/Gun usage) works. I think I never noticed this A7.353 exception - in my mind, once as HS/Crew had fired with...
  9. Philippe D.

    Foxhole/Trench and Wall Advantage (oh my!)

    Here's the situation. Bocage rules, but I'm not sure how much it matters - I think a Wall or Hedge would have the same effect. A Foxhole or Trench is next to a Bocage hexside. Inside the Trench are a 4-6-7 and 8-1 leader; in the same hex, holding Wall Advantage, is a 4-6-8. On the other side of...
  10. Philippe D.

    Another Berserker charge questions...

    At the beginning of its MPh, a Berserk unit has no Known Enemy Unit in LOS. A15.431 states that it must begin its charge with, as its target, the position previously occupied by the closest KEU. So far, so good. If, during its charge, but before reaching this target hex (which is in LOS, and...
  11. Philippe D.

    Using "large" overlays (1, etc)

    [No physical material with me, so I might have the details wrong] A few "large" overlays were designed to cover a specific portion of a specific board - IIRC there is one for one of the Desert boards, and at least one that screams PTO. The last time I wanted to set up a scenario using one of...
  12. Philippe D.

    Morale cap and modifiers

    Not sure how things apply... I know that morale is always capped at 10. What happens if a Fanatic leader with 10 Morale fired on while Encircled? (2MC and the DR is 7, so does he Pin or does he pass?) (The answer is not critical to the scenario being played, because all three squads stacked...
  13. Philippe D.

    Underscored Morale when Inexperienced

    I'm playing a Poland in Flames scenario where a Conscript SS squad failed its ELR. The Conscript SS squads are specific to PiF; they have underscored Morale, and, in the scenario, low ELR. So, what happens? A19.12 seems to say it is broken and Disrupted. A12.13 seems to say (as an...
  14. Philippe D.

    DC Breach in a Fortified Building

    B23.711 is originally about placing a DC to Breach a Rowhouse bar, and says it costs 1MF do this. Then, B23.9221 says a DC can also be used to Breach a Fortified Building hexside as per B23.711, but doesn't say anything about updating the MF cost to do so. Does this mean it is always 1MF...
  15. Philippe D.

    Errors in VASL PiF counters

    (I may not have the latest VASL files, but then I'm not sure how to check that and my VASSAL installation seems to be a mess...) I am currently playing a VASL PBEM game using the SS counters from PiF, and we noticed that the 4-3-7 SS counters seem to have some errors: * the broken side of the...
  16. Philippe D.

    Looking for the counter images

    Hi all, I am trying to prepare some files to print labels for my counter storage, and for this I would like to use the counter pictures from VASL. The thing is, I'm not sure how to find them... I suppose there's a reasonably easy way to get these, can someone here enlighten me?
  17. Philippe D.

    Confused by D2.6

    I am confused by rule D2.6, the one that's quite clearly there to prevent suicide tactics by vehicles in attempts to "freeze" enemy vehicles. First, I'm not sure how to read this first sentence: "cannot (voluntarily stop) or (end its MPh in Motion)..." or "cannot voluntarily (stop or end its...
  18. Philippe D.

    Passengers Disembarking in an enemy AFV's hex?

    I had this happen to me in a game: an early war Tank was in Smoke; a Truck transporting Passengers entered its hex under cover of the smoke, disembarked its Passengers, and moved away. In the CCPh the ex-Passengers attacked in CC, without having to pass a PAATC. Is this correct? I thought there...
  19. Philippe D.

    ITR2 rules about the Towers on BFP B

    The ITR2 HBR have a description for Towers that I'm having a hard time figuring out... are they a Hindrance or an Obstacle? (B34 says a SSR should specify one or the other) Is the intent to mean that the ground level acts as a Hindrance, but the Tower location (on level 1) acts as an Obstacle...
  20. Philippe D.

    In-season Orchard-Road

    From B14.6, it looks like Orchard Roads only suspend the Hindrance part when LOS is drawn along the road, so a LOS from a different level would still be blocked by the Orchard even if drawn right along the road part?