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  1. hoxson1

    Genesis II question

    Push to Um-Katef #18 - do the runways exist or does a SSR remove them? Thanks
  2. hoxson1

    FrF69 "To Ashes" overlay help

    I need the coordinates of the two X overlays. Merci Beaucoup.
  3. hoxson1

    Soldiers of the Negus help

    "Circle the Wagons" overlay question - W3 wadi I need the location hexes on bd 31. Thanks!
  4. hoxson1

    "Age of Tanks" documentary

    Came across this on Netflix streaming and watched the first two episodes out of 4. Very well done.
  5. hoxson1

    Grenadier tournament scenarios - get them here

    Thanks to Michael Kilo (aka Koch) with Grenadier ASL, these open-source scenario cards are now available on ASL Scenario Archive. Six scenarios from 2008 and 1 bonus scenario from 2010. These are 2012 versions with errata incorporated.
  6. hoxson1

    CanCon '93

    Anyone have information on the 5 scenarios from CanCon '93 I see on the Master ASL list? “Happy New Year”, ”Last Stand”, “Kokumbona Krunch”, “Squaring Up” and “On the Hop” Would like to post the information on them on ASL Scenarios Archive if I can find copies of them Thanks