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  1. Ricardo Garcia

    Malaga, Spain

    Hi, I’m looking for a face to face opponent in my area. I play ETO, learning my way through PTO and willing to learn DTO. Anybody out there?
  2. Ricardo Garcia

    Scenarios with Japanese troops but not PTO rules

    Hi, I'm planning to start on PTO, and I thought it would be an easier approach if I started with scenarios where the Japanese are present but there are no PTO rules apart from the presence of the Japanese, so that I can learn the particularities of these troops first. Could you help me find...
  3. Ricardo Garcia

    Another new guy from Spain

    Hi everyone, I could say I'm fairly new to the game, I bought the rules and almost all the modules in the early nineties, but I had hardly any opponents, so I basically played solo. By chance, I met someone in a forum group and started playing through VASL last January. 24 scenarios later, I...