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  1. FlatPackFred

    Beserk after assault move

    Played Through the Narrow Passage today - first time playing on the FB map which is both rich in detail and visually attractive. I found the rules comprehensively explained and the effects of food shortages and ammunition shortages are pretty straight forward and logical. Given the nature of...
  2. FlatPackFred

    Which rule do you want to change?

    I love ASL, having played it as a teenager and then found it again in my early fifties. However there are a few rules that "get up my nose" so to speak. Probably the one that irritates me the most is rolling for special ammunition. If you roll low and get special ammunition you get to use the...
  3. FlatPackFred

    Retain concealment after minimum move advance into close combat?

    Played Got Milk today - great scenario and a tonic from house to house fighting in Stalingrad (also the subject of a good article in Journal 7 - although note that RR SSR state that bore sighting is not applicable). One of my concealed squads advanced uphill, across barbed into close combat the...
  4. FlatPackFred

    Crew CR while halftrack in motion

    While playing Texas Flood on Sunday we had an instance of a mortar attack on a half-track in motion. The half-track was unaffected but the collateral attack on the crew and passengers resulted in a MC. The crew rolled a 12 and were casualty reduced and the squad broke. We eliminated the crew...