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  1. igycrctl

    Area fire attacks everyone?

    During the movement phase, I was very careful to assault move three squads, each one individually, into a hex that was in LOS of an enemy SW mortar. After the 3 squads made it I finally assault move my leader into the same hex. At that point my opponent fires the mortar, claiming that since it...
  2. igycrctl

    Upgrade my SK to full ASL?

    I have all the Starter Kit stuff and I want to turn it into a travel kit for full ASL. Is there an upgrade path that isn’t just “get BV”?
  3. igycrctl

    Berzerk questions

    A leader and squads are fired upon in OG. The leader rolls a 2 and subsequent HoB becomes berzerk. The squads with him must make a TC to determine if they too become berzerk. One squad breaks due to failing a 1MC. The broken squad and 2 half squads become berzerk, but one squad does not. The...
  4. igycrctl

    ROAR Issues

    So I went on ROAR to look at my personal record and I noticed that I was missing a bunch of games. Not even the most recent ones either. I lost 10 from 2017 (the first year I recorded my plays) and 2 from this year. Has anyone else experienced this bug? Who would I report it to? Thanks for your...
  5. igycrctl

    Two questions

    Two questions came up today while playing. I would very much appreciate a rules reference. Thanks in advance. 1. Squad moves adjacent to enemy squad which first fires to no effect. My squad moves away (2 hex) from enemy squad which subsequent first fires at my squad. I thought that you couldn’t...
  6. igycrctl

    Ordinance against infantry

    This came up in a Starter Kit game: artillery fires at and hits infantry and then subsequently rolls boxcars for effect. Is this a dud? Couldn’t find this in the Starter Kit, but C7.35 seems to say it is. If it is in SK please give me the rule number. Thanks.
  7. igycrctl

    HIP and A-T mines

    Setting up AP 62 Shouting Into The Storm and the SSR says I can set up the A-T mines HIP on a road, but when I looked at the rule book I read that A-T mines set up on a road CAN’T be HIP. Of course the SSR take precedence, but am I understanding the rules correctly?
  8. igycrctl

    Fun or fair? Which is more important...

    When choosing which scenario to play? I was looking at the ROAR list for recommended scenarios and the list for most balanced scenarios and was wondering if there was a way to combine the two list into a single “most fair and fun” list. To this end, I was thinking about weighting fun or fair...
  9. igycrctl

    What is the appeal?

    what is the appeal of different theaters of operation? I’ve only played ETO, so I was curious about DTO and PTO and any other TO that I’ve left out. Obviously, some of the difference is the nationalities involved, but I was hoping to get more info. Thanks.
  10. igycrctl

    Fire into hex with friendly infantry

    I was playing the Guards Counterattack yesterday and this situation came up: a berserk German makes it into the hex with the defending Russian, who will use TPBF as SFF. Adjacent (or should it be ADJACENT) are two other Russian infantry who also want to fire on the German with SFF, now using...
  11. igycrctl

    How long is long?

    I’ve been playing SK exclusively and with the exception of Elst, which I haven’t looked at, all the scenarios I’ve seen are short. What are the longest scenarios in number of turns in ASL? Are longer scenarios more fun? I can imagine that the variability of the dice evens out in the long run.
  12. igycrctl

    Software for creating maps and scenario cards...

    What is used for creating maps and the scenario cards? What do MMP use? Might eventually want to try my hand at designing and wanted to know what people are using. Also, are there resource packs for the art or is everything hand drawn?
  13. igycrctl

    Suggest an SK Scenario

    Can any one suggest a Starter Kit scenario with light mortars? Not looking for anything bigger, just light mortars, MG, FT, and DC. Want to try a gentle introduction to guns. Thanks in advance.
  14. igycrctl

    HS and MG

    For some reason I got it into my head that a half squad must choose between using its own FP or the FP of its MG, but can't use both. Please rid me of this delusion as I cannot find the SK rules that states it. Thanks.
  15. igycrctl

    S2 Russian setup

    How do you setup the Russians in S2 War of the Rats? I have read that it is hard for the Russians to hold on to everything, so one option is to abandon one building. Thanks in advance.
  16. igycrctl

    Extra pages?

    So I just opened the rule book for the first time and I have duplicate pages for some of chapters E and H. I looked and there doesn't seem to be a difference (I.e. They are dups). Does this happen often? How can I be sure I have all the pages I'm supposed to?
  17. igycrctl

    What next?

    So I haven't even played my first game and I'm already thinking about what I should get next. I have ASLSK1. Should I get the other SKs or jump into the deep end?
  18. igycrctl

    ASLSK1 ftf in North New Jersey

    Brand new player looking to play ftf. I'm in north Union county (exit 140). In close to north and central NJ.