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    Red Factories miscellaneous stuff

    I’ll put you down for, ‘don’t care, I just like it.’ Bollocks is as bollocks does. ;p
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    Red Factories miscellaneous stuff

    Most (note: qualifier) folks that use the IIFT don’t care about the math. In many (qualifier) cases this can be directly related to laziness. In (some) other cases, it is due to inability to grasp that there is a difference and one that can affect performance in the game. In other cases it’s...
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    Red Factories miscellaneous stuff

    Things don't burn down the way they did in RB, there will be plenty of stuff blocking LOS.
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    Red Factories miscellaneous stuff

    Try the 4 map CG. It'll chew up huge chunks of your life.
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    Red Factories miscellaneous stuff

    What Klas said.
  6. Fort

    Red Factories

    Counters popping out are better than the old days where you had to cut the sheets with razors to get counter edges even close to sharp. MMP has increased production values immensely since they've been at the helm. G.
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    Winter Offensive 2019 under way

    I had planned to go. Flu said otherwise. Been stuck in house since Thursday. Have fun all!
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    Broken units don’t become lax just because they’re broken, correct?
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    ALL THINGS ALBANY 2018...2016 and 2017 carryover registrants

    I'm currently engaged in a graduate degree program and have very little time to catch my breath. Haven't done much gaming in quite some time. I have the follow up to "To the Bridge" in various stages of completion. I would like to get back to work on them this summer, but time is looking scarce.
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    ALL THINGS ALBANY 2018...2016 and 2017 carryover registrants

    Who the heck had time to play Empire’s Fall at Albany?
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    women in STEM

    I’m currently enrolled in a higher education STEM degree program, and I can say that there are many more females in the program than males. When I was doing undergraduate work, I had 8 different labs, not one was taught by a male. Of all the sections, only 2 out of 32 had male graduate student...
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    Scenarios with Japanese troops but not PTO rules

    The Generalissimo’s Own and Quagmire don’t use PTO.
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    Who is the world's worst ASL player of all time?

    Research on ‘Luck’ has shown that people who believe they are lucky more often have results that are positive than people who believe they are unlucky. The research points to the willingness to take more risky options tends to be a characteristic of the ‘lucky’ behavior, while the ‘unlucky’...
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    Homebrew vs. official D&D campaign settings

    I just started a new campaign game. We've had two sessions so far and things have been going great. I use my own homebrew world which draws bits here and there from every source I find interesting along with a ton of my stuff thrown in. We had a session 0 to start, where discussions were had...
  15. Fort

    Who is the greatest ASL player of all time?

    Fish was kinda low key with the tourney play. He was more of an organizer. But, having watched some of his off the record games and being a part of a few, I’d rank Fish right at the top. He rarely made mistakes, had impeccable timing and read scenarios like no one else. McGrath, of all the...
  16. Fort

    Democrats have gone nuts

    Timothy Leary...he likely caused his wife’s suicide, as well as his daughter’s insanity. I’ll take that one back...most won’t consider LSD a deadly weapon, although they’d be wrong.
  17. Fort

    Democrats have gone nuts

    Timothy Leary Tom Murray William Ayers Bernadine Dohrn David Gilbert Michael Isaacson Alan Haber Paul Booth Tom Hayden Mark Rudd John Jacobs Abimael Guzman Jose Carlos Mariategui Robert Comeau Huey Newton Gudrun Ensslin Horst Mahler Renato Curcio Vladimir Lenin Ernesto Guevara
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    The best HASL scenario?

    RB 1 RB 3
  19. Fort

    Rulebook binding. Stood the test of time?

    This is the way to go. I've never regretted this. It's so much easier to incorporate new pages.
  20. Fort

    Attention Mapmakers: Soviet villages

    I didn’t read the entire thread. Seems simple to me...make whatever cosmetic effects you want within a hex with the ‘walls/hedges’ just don’t make the ASL walls/hedges. Place the artwork inside the hex and make the entire outline of the building/hedge/wall work like a wooden building. It will...