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  1. Craig Benn

    Never tell me the odds....

    So...the standard attacker: defender ratio is 3:1 for a reasonable chance of success. In practice the level of supporting fires, terrain, troop quality and a host of other factors including chance means it's pretty meaningless. There are plenty of examples of small numbers of defenders with...
  2. Craig Benn

    Who is Lindsey M. Murillo?

    Keyser Soze of ASL...
  3. Craig Benn

    Pacific CGs without USMC

    It's a damn shame. The Gorge J13 was my favourite scenario I played last year. I'm going to play the remaining ones once a year (when my oppo visits his folks around xmas) to drag out the enjoyment.
  4. Craig Benn

    Did the forum get ugly, with adverts and colours?

    Glasshouses. Stones. Just saying.
  5. Craig Benn

    Pacific CGs without USMC

    Even a broken clock is right twice a day panzerfaust boy. My bad.
  6. Craig Benn

    Pacific CGs without USMC

    18 US army divisions vs 6 USMC. 5 Australian divisions I think - not including the 8th which was destroyed at Singapore. Not sure how many British-Indian divisions in Burma at peak but at least a dozen....
  7. Craig Benn

    Routing question

    Routing unit was in 46X2 with KEU in 46Y3. My understanding is that the brokie HAS to rout to 46X0 as it is the closest non ignorable woods hex. Even though 46V0 is within 6MF, the brokie does not have the option of routing there and MUST go for 46X0. As this will involve interdiction, even if...
  8. Craig Benn

    Pacific CGs without USMC

    OBS is both US army and USMC. ...I already said Corregidor.... Is the Long March PTO? But then some of the others aren't either - its Pacif ic enough... But anyway you look at it, it's really not many is it? Good news about Kohima if correct.
  9. Craig Benn

    Pacific CGs without USMC

    Nothing against marines of course.....but I can think of lots of CGs with them in (Uncommon Valor, Op Watchtower, Blood Reef, Gavutu, Suicide creek, Ordeal before Shuri) and not many without (ragged bloody heroes, the St Louis Burma one and Corregidor). Am I missing any non-marine ones? As...
  10. Craig Benn

    Heroes 2019 - Opponents Wanted

    I'd like a game on the thursday afternoon Eoin. I'm in the tournament on Friday. I originally hailed from Limerick but have been a scouser for forty years. Hope that doesn't make it too competitive. . Anything PTO would be good - not really fussed what.
  11. Craig Benn

    Routing question

    I've been playing this game for 14 years nearly and I've just realised I still don't understand the rout rules.... One of my broken squads is ADJACENT to a known enemy squad at the start of the rout phase. The nearest rout target is a woods hex, 3MF and two hexes away. The intervening hex is...
  12. Craig Benn

    What makes a good HASL?

    1) Both sides getting to attack and defend. I think I prefer one side attacking and the other side receiving massive reinforcements after a certain point (e.g Kampfgruppe Peiper, Op Veritable) to one side counterattacking at night (e.g Valor of the Guards). It's not vital though - Onslaught to...
  13. Craig Benn

    Scenarios that use Axis Minors for the Japanese

    Rally Point 74 'Saigon shuffle' has Viet Minh and Japanese deserters vs French/ British army Indians.
  14. Craig Benn

    Scenarios that use Axis Minors for the Japanese

    Shenam pass is Indian national army not Indonesian....
  15. Craig Benn

    PTO ASLSK now up for preorder

    If there's HIP, concealment and banzai then the key elements are there. You don't need the more obscure stuff like tank hunter heroes or HIP pillboxes with tunnels. We need more PTO boards. This is good.
  16. Craig Benn

    ASL Starter Kit #4 PTO - up for pre-order

    Anything that encourages people to play PTO is good. But I'm curious how concealment is handled.
  17. Craig Benn

    Canister question

    That seems a reasonable interpretation but you could also argue that the intention was to deliberately exclude them. For instance when ordnance fires FFMO and FFNAM apply to the to hit roll and not to the effects DR (barring a crit). Cannister has no to hit roll and goes directly to the effects...
  18. Craig Benn

    Canister question

    C8.4....Canister is resolved on the IFT using its FP and adding any applicable DRM for TEM, LOS Hindrance and/or hex spine changes in the CA.... No mention of FFMO or FFNAM. Chapter A is before Chapter C so has less precedence... It seems crazy that they woud'nt apply but Smoke and...
  19. Craig Benn

    Merzenhausen Zoo

    German at start infantry have to take a NTC or be pinned. Dummy stacks take it with a morale of 7. You start with six extra concealment counters. Normally I'd swap them for big counters but if they have to take the check and your real vehicles don't it seems fairly pointless. Or is it only...
  20. Craig Benn

    Rally Point Voume #16: A World at War 1937-1945 is now available

    Is there any real difference between Schwerpunkt and Rally Point? I can understand burnout after play testing for 20+ years but the guys are still producing it seems. Plus the Ghurkha trilogy gets its fourth episode! That can only be good. I'm glad those guys are doing Korean stuff too. World...