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  1. jmpalmier

    Fallschirmjaeger counters

    Alright thanks! I'll check out Nationality Set 26.
  2. jmpalmier

    Fallschirmjaeger counters

    Did Critical Hit release a module/nationality set with german Fallschirmjaegers counters? I mean with accurate, color Fallschirmjaegers uniform artwork, not just 5-4-8's. If you could post pictures that would be great. I was thinking maybe Monte Altuzzo or Sturmgruppe Eisen and Beton might have...
  3. jmpalmier

    Official HASLs & CGs in the works

    Is there a preview/picture of the Dawn of Eagles map somewhere? I couldn't find anything online.
  4. jmpalmier

    Looking for stores in UK and France that stock MMP games

    Check out Orcs Nest in London (6 Earlham St, Last time I went there in 2012 they had a large selection of ASL stuff. MMP, Critical Hit, you name it, a whole shelf of it. From what I see on their website they still carry a lot of ASL. Great store worth the visit for...
  5. jmpalmier

    Hatten In Flames available for pre-order

    The cover art for Hatten in Flames is really nice, probably one of the best cover art of any ASL module in my opinion. Who made it? Is it the same artist that made the covers of Forgotten War and the other new (second edition) core modules? Those were nice too.