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  1. Craig Benn

    Never tell me the odds....

    So...the standard attacker: defender ratio is 3:1 for a reasonable chance of success. In practice the level of supporting fires, terrain, troop quality and a host of other factors including chance means it's pretty meaningless. There are plenty of examples of small numbers of defenders with...
  2. Craig Benn

    Pacific CGs without USMC

    Nothing against marines of course.....but I can think of lots of CGs with them in (Uncommon Valor, Op Watchtower, Blood Reef, Gavutu, Suicide creek, Ordeal before Shuri) and not many without (ragged bloody heroes, the St Louis Burma one and Corregidor). Am I missing any non-marine ones? As...
  3. Craig Benn

    Routing question

    I've been playing this game for 14 years nearly and I've just realised I still don't understand the rout rules.... One of my broken squads is ADJACENT to a known enemy squad at the start of the rout phase. The nearest rout target is a woods hex, 3MF and two hexes away. The intervening hex is...
  4. Craig Benn

    Canister question

    C8.4....Canister is resolved on the IFT using its FP and adding any applicable DRM for TEM, LOS Hindrance and/or hex spine changes in the CA.... No mention of FFMO or FFNAM. Chapter A is before Chapter C so has less precedence... It seems crazy that they woud'nt apply but Smoke and...
  5. Craig Benn

    Merzenhausen Zoo

    German at start infantry have to take a NTC or be pinned. Dummy stacks take it with a morale of 7. You start with six extra concealment counters. Normally I'd swap them for big counters but if they have to take the check and your real vehicles don't it seems fairly pointless. Or is it only...
  6. Craig Benn

    Sighting TC concealed in open ground

    I'm playing BFP 73 Preliminary move tomorrow. After setup all my troops will be concealed as the Germans enter from off board. They then get attacked by 7 Stukas before the game propereviews starts. NRBH - I seem to remember that concealed units in open ground don't count as concealed to...
  7. Craig Benn

    Kakazu Ridge - The Gorge

    Going to play this after a long hiatus from caves with my old nemesis Ben Jones. Currently setting up a defence worthy of the emperor against the filthy gaijin. Couple of questions about Kakazu, I take it PTO is not in effect as nothing on the scenario card or Kakuzu SSR's says it is. 1. So are...
  8. Craig Benn

    Who is the greatest ASL player of all time?

    I know we're supposed to be in it for the love of the game, manly comradeship, keeping history alive e.t.c While those are factors I certainly enjoy being childishly competitive. But who is ASL's greatest player in its entire 33 year history? And I mean player, not the person who designed the...
  9. Craig Benn


    Concealed unit in a gully. In the advance phase it goes to crest status into LOS of good order enemy units. Does it lose concealment, or does the +2 TEM mean it keeps it?
  10. Craig Benn

    Bloody Red Beach

    I'm hoping to play this soon and looking at a setup for the Japanese. Any thoughts? In terms of fire discipline the Yanks get 3 fighter bombers on each of the first 3 turns and there's limited AA assets. Plus firing at the amphibians in deep ocean seems pointless. +2 v.small + 2 motion and Hull...
  11. Craig Benn

    Some Schwerpunkt scenarios setup questions....

    SP138 Lacking Coordination The Germans get OBA from Turn 3 directed by an offboard observer. Is the observers hex chosen before British setup, after British setup or on turn3? SP264 Meet the old boss According to vehicle notes the SPW251/9 has a 4FP CMG that becomes available from 9/44...
  12. Craig Benn

    Pillbox cc

    US squad advances into a hex where there is a Japanese half squad in a foxhole and a pillbox with a Japanese crew and leader. 1. The US squad and Japanese half squad fight, while the pillbox and it's contents aren't involved. Does the +2 pillbox ambush modifier count for this combat? 2. Assume...
  13. Craig Benn

    HIP Vehicle - area fire

    HIP Tiger in an orchard hex. Say you fire a 2 inch mortar into the hex and the result is a MC - is the Tiger revealed?
  14. Craig Benn

    Objective Schmidt at Blackpool 1-4 March

    Mine arrived last night. Guess I'll do a review for View from the Trenches. Which means playing some of the scenarios. Anyone fancy a game at the HEROES tournament?
  15. Craig Benn

    Breaking Bad questions

    Played this with Ben Jones a couple of nights ago. Fun scenario - ended up with a fairly comfortable Japanese win in the end. Ben thought it was hard on the Dutch, low ELR = conscripts = extra prisoners for the VC conditions. I thought I diced him a bit and he was a little bit cautious at start...
  16. Craig Benn

    Scenario recommendation

    German assault engineers. Urban. Balance is pro German (I'm playing a noob). Not Commando Schenke or Commissars house as I've played them several times. Not too obscure....
  17. Craig Benn

    Crazy dummy shenanigans

    My opponent pulled some crazy stuff on me yesterday. First he argued that if he had a stack of 3 dummy ? - the two ? underneath could separate and grow fresh ? on top of them. so from three ? you could have two x two ?. Secondly dummies could roll for MF to get under wire but were excused mine...
  18. Craig Benn

    K/2 and KIA with flamethrower stack.

    Fired at a stack with 3 squads and a leader getting a k/2 but one of the squads had a flamethrower so is Kia. After random selection for the k/ - leader wounded - do the remaining squads break from the kia and take a 2mc? Does the wounded leader ignore the 2mc but break from the kia?
  19. Craig Benn

    How many of the first 100 scenarios have you played and how many do you intend to play

    I've played 28-30 when I counted. I was surprised I thought it'd be more. Its 28-30 because looking at the scenario titles I'm not entirely sure with a couple from way back when I started. Still I've *only* played since 2005-06 ish - I cut my teeth on ASLSK2 not paratrooper. Those who started...
  20. Craig Benn

    SMC firing a 37L AAgun

    No Rule Book Handy... Can a SMC possess a 37L AA gun while its broken crew is still in the same hex, by moving into that hex during the Mph and rolling less than 6? Can the SMC fire the gun as IFE with half FP and no ROF?