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  1. mooreshawnm

    US Muslim soldiers can sports beards now

    I feel safer already. This is certainly a force multiplier if I've ever seen one. When the day comes (and I fear it never does) when our combat formations come up against real resistance and suffer real casualties I fear we will find US Infantry squads morale number isn't as high as it once was...
  2. mooreshawnm

    The important things in life Drinking Horns and Mead

    So Christmas is nearly upon us and not too long ago I was in search of gifts for my closest Postmasters. I had originally planned on board games for each (Awful Green Things, dungeon and spw's Tannenberg for the smart former AF guy (ASLSK1 has been out of stock too long...just saying)). Anyway I...
  3. mooreshawnm as usual is over So it appears Trump just got off the phone with the president of China....deviating from four decades of protocol. The establishment is having seizures. Those out there that think this is business as usual and...
  4. mooreshawnm

    Triple Alliance?

    With the Trump presidency and Brexit is there any chance that we could see a new power block with the Russians and the English speaking world arm in arm? That's my dream to be honest but is it a possibility? Who could stand against the will of that group? War would come to an end and with the...
  5. mooreshawnm

    GDW's TWW series

    Is their any other series out there that either: 1) Models the proficiency system with 'hits' rather than step losses? or 2) Models the air system? Those two mechanics made these games as far as I'm concerned. That Next War series from GMT sure looks similar.