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  1. Yarlis

    Russian KV1 M39

    In my Russian Chap H and the Vehicle Listing, the KV1 M39 is shown as Low Ground Pressure. But in scenarios in which it appears is usually shown as Normal ground Pressure (check AP12 cream of the crop, ASL125 First crisis at Army Group North, J187 In deadly combat). Which is the correct one?
  2. Yarlis

    Use of TK Case A for FT/DC/MOL attacks (C7.21)

    >This is a question concerning rule C7.21 and HE&Flame TK Table > >Rules C7.21 says "The Basic TK# vs an AFV hit (or attacked by FT...) in >its armored Rear Target Facing is always incresed by one". HE&Flame TK >Table says (Note B, for FT) that ONLY TK# modifiers are...