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  1. esprcorn

    any World of ASL update?

    He's around, just lost his passion for DM. He has to pay for all the product AND put in a considerable amount of time. I would imagine he would appreciate it if someone would undertake the task of organizing images and photos of new products.
  2. esprcorn

    AAR - Bertoldo The Brave - HF2

    I would LOVE if you would include some screenshots or photo's of your board in the actions...
  3. esprcorn

    New RB & RO Maps...when we gonna get them? Crack the whip on them map elves!!! :-)

    Pretty sure out of respect for MMP they try to never release anything within of few months of its physical release.
  4. esprcorn

    just started getting this error and don't know why...or how to fix it...any help?

    Definitely a weird issue. was working fine for me last night, but not for my opponent. I don't know what in VASL would cause it to work for one and not another. It does seem to be having issues for a decent number of players.
  5. esprcorn

    still getting this error not working...UGH!

    Random org is independent of VASL. Apparently, it's down. You're going to need to use the random dice generator in VASL by going to File --> Preferences and unchecking Get DR/dr random numbers from
  6. esprcorn

    So what scenarios have you played Recently?

    Played S2 War of the Rats yet again as I brought another post family/marriage player back into the fold. Everyone welcome Zeke Bleakley back to the fold and pray he takes the dive in as he's my first FtF player within 20 minutes I've had in my entire life.... It's amazing how differently this...
  7. esprcorn

    CrT 7: Desperate Hours

    Brand new HASL deserves some photo's! Well, I deserve some photos!! ;)
  8. esprcorn

    Is the Deluxe ASL Redux going to make preorder?

    DASL is wonderful. And there are some incredible scenarios using the boards out there. The only downside in my opinion is it's really only good FtF as the VASL implementation kinda defeats the whole purpose. Pre-Order damn you all!!!
  9. esprcorn

    So what's the best game of ASL you played in 2018 (and why) ? And what's the best new scenario you played in 2018 ?

    Can you elaborate on ELC1? I'm struggling to find this in the Scenario Archive.
  10. esprcorn

    When will Red October ( now that its landed) be into VASL ??

    Red October is due to be released at WO 2019 with any luck - or thus I have heard from Chas. Regarding the VASL map and any new counters, there will likely be a delay of at least few months before it can all be processed. Remember, all volunteers doing this. They do their best and are still a...
  11. esprcorn

    DB002 Sochaczew vs J26/140 Round Two (Same scenario/Different Names?)

    Curious about a few things.... Is it unusual that this clear reprint from Dispatches was retitled? If I'm correct, reprints in official products usually keep the original name. So it looks like J26 has been updated a bit with some changes to the OB and additional overlays. 140 from 3rd...
  12. esprcorn

    SMOKE and snipers

    Wrote this to Perry.... Question: Two equidistant hexes are being evaluated for a sniper hit. Both are woods hexes, but one has been SMOKED (+3). Are they considered equivalent for lowest TEM purposes? The second bolded line below seems to clearly indicated that only the lowest in-hex...
  13. esprcorn

    SMOKE and snipers

    Thanks for the very well reasoned response. I do agree the intent is probably as most would argue - but it's poorly written and can be taken literally for my interpretation. Still, if you take my interpretation, when would smoke really every apply? The only case I can think of would be in...
  14. esprcorn

    SMOKE and snipers

    Ok, caveat, I'm following up a facebook query that I'm not convinced of the consensus so I'm asking again here where I can elaborate my reasoning. 14.21 ALTERNATE TARGET: If the present target hex contains neither an eligible target (14.22) nor the enemy Sniper counter, the attacking Sniper...
  15. esprcorn

    New Editions of Lone Canuck's Wacht Am Rhein Packs

    Confused, what was the basis for the OB changes and different mapboards if not for play balance improvements?
  16. esprcorn

    So what scenarios have you played Recently?

    I think they were mindly useful 1) to put some limited SMOKE down, and to keep him off the crests of the hills of the most forward hill.
  17. esprcorn

    So what scenarios have you played Recently?

    Enjoyed this one myself. Though I could never find a good use for the Greek guns and mortars. Very poor LOS from start...
  18. esprcorn

    What is your favorite(s) Deluxe scenario of all time? 3rd Party or Official MMP/AH

    Not familiar with School House nor finding it on Scenario Archive.
  19. esprcorn

    What is your favorite(s) Deluxe scenario of all time? 3rd Party or Official MMP/AH

    With the rash of new scenarios and the influx of new boards from both the LFT Deluxe Pack and the MMP WO2018 pack, there is a lot of new interest. Not to mention with the Deluxe 'Pack' on Pre-Order featuring the new boards and scenarios... What are your favorites of all time?
  20. esprcorn

    Deluxe boards future?

    Just curious if the boards from the Deluxe pack will make it into future scenario packs? Or if there are plans for further Deluxe packs?