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  1. jfardette

    Protocol for traveling to ASL tournament?

    A rule book and charts are enough. Maybe a couple of scenarios you’d really like to play. The rest can be borrowed for the price of a beer.
  2. jfardette

    VASL PTO League 2019 1st Round Matchups

    In a short game, Jim Fardette's Australians overran Jim Traver's Japanese in Children of the Kunai. With artillery falling, half his order of battle eliminated and a broken MMG, Jim decided to fall on his sword after he yahtzeed a CC casualty reduction roll rather than spend more time fighting...
  3. jfardette

    VASLeague 2019 General Discussion

    Me too. Welcome back to the fight!
  4. jfardette

    FB and smoke OBA questions

    Q2 Maybe I'm thinking of ordnance firing smoke and the +2 modifier?
  5. jfardette

    FB and smoke OBA questions

    Interesting approach. That would then mean that infantry could then run along the EmRR unhindered by the fire lane? I'm having trouble visualizing this, with the fire lane being completely unaffected by the embankment, except that any unit on the embankment is completely missed by the bullets...
  6. jfardette

    FB and smoke OBA questions

    Q1 clarification. The MG is at ground level adjacent to the EmRR. Does the fire lane tend beyond it?
  7. jfardette

    FB and smoke OBA questions

    Throwing this out there for help... Q1- How do fire lanes work with embanked RR? My reading is that a unit actually on the EmRR could only set up an effective fire lane along such a half level obstacle, and any such fire lane would otherwise only effect half level targets like riders or...
  8. jfardette

    VASL Desert League Round 1 Matchups

    Jim Fardette's Italians were able to overcome Jim Hunter's Indians in A39, Showdown at Tug Argan Pass. Things started off hot for the Indians as they were able to cause a 9-1 and two squads of engineers to go Berserk and charge to their deaths, but things turned around on turn 3 when the...
  9. jfardette

    AAR - Pynda Avenged - WO29

    Mmmm, olives. At least until the Germans come and requisition them all to lubricate their tank treads.
  10. jfardette

    VASL PTO League 2019 1st Round Matchups

    Jim Traver and I will be playing Children of the Kunai. I've got the attacking Aussies, he's got the Japanese. No balance. Thanks for running the league again, Carl.
  11. jfardette

    LFT#14 - First Impressions

    Take my money already.
  12. jfardette

    ASLSK VASL Friendly League - Complete!

    Kevin, it looks like you are the champion of the ASLSK tourney, congratulations. And thanks to everyone who participated, whether for a single match or until the final dice roll, I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did. Coming up next is going to be a ASLSK Ladder, which should allow...
  13. jfardette

    Budapest CG Live VASL & Skype

    Interested, but could only commit to 3-4 times per month, probably Mondays or Tuesdays. My FB set is first edition, don't know what changes were made with the rerelease. I haven't even opened the box, I'd have to dig it out of storage. If you are agreeable to a slower pace of play, let me...
  14. jfardette

    ASLSK Ladder

    It sounds like you already have a plan, whereas I only had an idea, so I will defer to you. If you need someone to help, I can learn from you and be your stand-in if you want an assistant. I'm not on Facebook though, so i can't help you out on their site.
  15. jfardette

    ASLSK Ladder

    As the ASL Starter Kit tourney comes to a close, I'm trying to capture a few lessons learned as well as continue to provide an option for newer players to get their feet wet in competitive play. I'd like to hear some thoughts on a ladder-type structure, where people could come and go on their...
  16. jfardette

    Live VASL mini tournament

    I like the idea... but football. Maybe another time?
  17. jfardette


    Looking forward to seeing this come stateside soon. Maybe someone can smuggle a few copies through Customs for Winter Offensive?
  18. jfardette

    ASLSK VASL Friendly League - Complete!

    So how are things going in the final battles? Are we ready to crown a Starter Kit Champ?
  19. jfardette

    ASLSK VASL Friendly League - Complete!

    Tanks give you so many options. Sure, you can sit there and pound away at some poor infantry unit huddled in a building, but the real fun starts when you use the mobility, smoke making capacity and immunity to small arms to cause havoc on the battlefield. Just make sure you can afford to lose...
  20. jfardette

    ASLSK VASL Friendly League - Complete!

    Steve and I played S49, Cooks Clerks and Bazookas. The game went back and forth with the dice as the Germans closed in on the victory buildings. Building S6 gained a reprieve when Steve rolled snakes in close combat, but the Germans retaliated by getting rate of fire with the captured .50 cal...