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  1. Yarlis

    Russian KV1 M39

    In my Russian Chap H and the Vehicle Listing, the KV1 M39 is shown as Low Ground Pressure. But in scenarios in which it appears is usually shown as Normal ground Pressure (check AP12 cream of the crop, ASL125 First crisis at Army Group North, J187 In deadly combat). Which is the correct one?
  2. Yarlis

    VASL Map Online Problem/Suggestion Form

    Hi, British DUKW counter with the optional AAMG lacks the ROF 2 number. Thanks for correcting.
  3. Yarlis

    VASL Map Online Problem/Suggestion Form

    The British ACs Humber III LRC and Otter LRC (Veh Note 45) have Optional ATR, but I can't find the counters in VASL. Maybe they are missing. Thanks.
  4. Yarlis

    VASL Map Online Problem/Suggestion Form

    VASL British counter for the Challenger AFV lacks the 1 ROF, as updated in MMP errata webpage. Thanks for correcting. p.H56 [British Vehicle Note 21] ((A30) Challenger): This vehicle has Fast Traverse (D1.31) and a 1 ROF, not the Slow Traverse (D1.32) and 0 ROF shown in the 1st Edition of West...
  5. Yarlis

    VASL Map Online Problem/Suggestion Form

    Hi, and, first of all, many thanks for your work. Two minor issues: 1.- In the new Overlays extension, the deir overlays are misspelled as "D-DIER". 2.- The Finnish captured tank T-26C(r) is only shown without BMG; but it may have a 2/4 BMG/CMG configuration, as per the Vehicle Listing, and...
  6. Yarlis

    New program to help set up VASL scenarios

    I am using the Windows pre-built version. Extremely easy to install and very intuitive. You just manage how to deal with it in minutes. Thanks again.
  7. Yarlis

    New program to help set up VASL scenarios

    I've used your application to set up some scenarios and is just wonderful!!! Thanks a lot for sharing.
  8. Yarlis

    Hillock LOS to level 1

    I'd say there is LOS in the second example of JazzJeff, from the Hillock summit to a Hillock hex, even if LOS crosses another Hillock Summit hex, just for the same reason that a LOS exists from M6 to M10. I think that LOS from Hillock Summit to a Hillock is treated the same way than LOS from...
  9. Yarlis

    Looking for the Ammo Dump counter

    Try folder Unit/Fire/Ammo.
  10. Yarlis

    (A10) Board Victory locations

    You should have two A3 size cards. Table A10 is in the second card, under the Theater Opposition Chart; this card also contains the SASL Campaign Game Roster.
  11. Yarlis

    D3.51 Vehicular Fire

    D3.51 says (1st Ed. ASLRB): “Once any VEHICULAR weapons fire, its other weapons may FIRE in that phase only from that same hex…”. Consider a halftrack loaded with a squad, moving in its MPh. Could the squad make BFF from a different hex than that from which the vehicular weapons fire, or...
  12. Yarlis

    (C6.3) Case L: Point Blank Range

    Just want to make sure if I play this correctly: When in the enemy MPh, an enemy AFV gets ADJACENT to one of my AFV and stops there, I think both can fire at each other (BFF or First Fire) USING the -2 DRM of Case L, as both are Stopped, even though the enemy AFV gets a +2 DRM when fired upon...
  13. Yarlis

    (C8.9) Depletion numbers and Intensive Fire

    A friendly AFV is marked with First Fire. It is the enemy MPh, and an enemy AFV has expended MP's in LOS. If this AFV wants to Intensive Fire with Depletable Ammo, and makes a TH DR > the Depletion Number (not malfunctioning the Gun), may it still try a 2nd Intensive Fire attempt with regular...
  14. Yarlis

    10th Mountain Division scenarios?

    Don't know if this helps.... In The General Vol.27 nº5 there is a Scenario with the 10th Mtn Div Scenario (G13 A view from the top) and Reference Notes for that unit (including Tables of Organization), besides some special rules for playing with 10th Mtn Div.
  15. Yarlis

    (A8.4) Final Fire and ATR use

    Suppose the German 4-6-8 fires only its Inherent FP in First Fire at the adjacent HS. Could it then fire an ATR/PSK/BAZ at an AFV moving 2 hexes away? And, supposing the German squad had already made First Fire and SFF (but only using Inherent FP), could it then use an ATR/PSK/BAZ vs an AFV 2...
  16. Yarlis

    Tournement Extension

    Hi all, As far as I know, this Tournement Ext was made by a VASL Spanish player. It handles HIP deployments, or Boresighted locations, etc. i.e. any info which is (at first) only known to one of the players. The way it does is by making a private Note to write all those information; when...
  17. Yarlis

    Hillock LOS

    That's the kind of thing I'd like to find in the rules. But after reading F6.43 and B9.21 (2nd Ed Rules: "an elevation advantage of at least a half-level over the Entrenchment does allow such LOS"), I'm still not sure why the Hillock example says squad E has no LOS to squad AA.
  18. Yarlis

    Hillock LOS

    Consider a unit on a Hillock. F6.41 says it has LOS over its own Hillock and over the next Hillock, and past yet a 3rd Hillock (but in this case, only to units behind and "adjacent"). Then cites F6.43 as an EXC (A unit must be at least as high as the topmost height of an intervening hillock...
  19. Yarlis

    AFV's defensive options

    Assume an stopped AFV, and it is the opponent MPh. An enemy AFV comes into LOS, expending only 1MP in LOS. The stopped AFV tries to use a Smoke Dispenser. After that, 1.- May that AFV make an immediate Motion attempt, regardless of the outcome of Smoke Dispenser usage? 2.- May that AFV...
  20. Yarlis

    Radioless AFV

    Consider two Radioless AFV's which begin a Scenario in ADJACENT hexes. They both deploy onboard, and in the first part of turn 1, the opponent enters from offboard. An enemy unit comes into LOS and one of the radioless AFV makes First Fire, while the other wants to go into Motion (making a...