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  1. dlazov

    Raaco- what system storage do you use?

    Those do look great, but I’d draw the line with the ocd insanity and I just use cheap good old planos and toss em into big boxes. Both are better systems that Bobs big freezer bag of counters, although his does take up much less space...
  2. dlazov

    ATT and acquisition article from Point Blank! Volume 6 Issue 2

    If I understand you this is done frequently in RB as Russians from rooftop locations, at least in all my playings.
  3. dlazov

    What ever happened to Kevin Kenneally?

    Won’t use FB. Have nothing to do with it.
  4. dlazov

    Today in ASL I ... (Day to day ASL doings)

    Well it’s sorta kinda ASL related a little bit. On turn 11 of my US Ranger CG, it’s 11/42 and my first scenario is an amphibious assult against the Vichy French in Steel Panthers WW2.
  5. dlazov

    After all this time

    God never wanted the Israelites to have a king, they persisted and he gave them Saul. A fine mess that turned out to be. God anointed David and King David under God’s will did mighty things. David was only a man and a sinner like all men, although he loved God he still sinned, committing...
  6. dlazov

    Pacific CGs without USMC

    CH has: Armored Stand (US Army vs Japan) Ordeal Before Shuri (US Army vs Japan) Blood and Iron (US Army vs Japan) Those Ragged Bloody Heroes (Aussies vs Japan)
  7. dlazov

    Who is Lindsey M. Murillo?

    Died in a blaze of ‘glory’ rolled 6,6 on 1MC and rolled 6 on Wound Check...
  8. dlazov

    Who is Lindsey M. Murillo?

    Never heard of em, does not exist with no photos...
  9. dlazov

    What is your favorite scale of wargaming?

    Tactical (one tank, one squad/half squad) 50 meters, top down. aka for board games: ASL aka for PC games: Windows Steel Panthers: WW2 and Windows Steel Panthers: MBT (modern combat)
  10. dlazov

    Did the forum get ugly, with adverts and colours?

    now that was complicated...wherz the ezy button? lol
  11. dlazov

    New forum themes now available

    Ah thanks for that I was wondering what that was down the fact we got a choice and I am happy with that (personally sticking with the green). I suspect a lot will go with blue and maybe a few with go with aqua and or purple (what no dark themes :(😢😭🤠😺 ) lol
  12. dlazov

    New forum themes now available

    Never MIND! I lied its there!!! I still like the Green...
  13. dlazov

    New forum themes now available

    There is no such thing. Does not exist.
  14. dlazov

    New forum themes now available

    GameSquad Green is the new thing! Love it!
  15. dlazov

    Did the forum get ugly, with adverts and colours?

    I did not know about the subscribers thing
  16. dlazov

    New forum themes now available

    I am my iPhone and their are annoying adds about Russian women nd some dude trying to sell me something...
  17. dlazov

    What makes a good HASL?

    Sorry I know Peter personally, played him at ASLOK a few years back, and what you quoted was in NO WAY name calling, abusive, intolerant, haughty, mean or nasty. For you to take it as such is to put mildly is ridiculous. You obviously never spent any time in a military establishment.
  18. dlazov

    Did the forum get ugly, with adverts and colours?

    No they are on every page.... Also on mobile no icons...emoji.....
  19. dlazov

    Pacific CGs without USMC

    What is worse is I have heard many millennials/gen x who think Germany was on the Allied side and the US and Germany were fighting Russia. They have no concept of the evil nazi regime nor even the evil Soviet regime, hence why this younger generation embraces socialism and communism.