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  1. Red2112

    VG 5th Fleet unboxing

    Well, 6th Fleet for you aswell... Red
  2. Red2112

    VG 5th Fleet unboxing

    Unboxing of this classic by Victory Games, 5th Fleet, designed by Joseph Balkoski... Red
  3. Red2112

    Posted deleted because flaged as advertisement?

    I understand that Dr Zaius. Just making a point, that´s all. The title of the vid did say "showcase", and it´s a game in it´s alpha state. Main reaosn I did it was for folks to get to know this unique game, as I said before, I get nothing out of it, and the game wont be out till the Q3 2019, and...
  4. Red2112

    Posted deleted because flaged as advertisement?

    None of the links in the description box of the video could be used to purchase, as the game is in it´s alpha version. Steam product page with no purchase option, other was the devs home site, with no purchase option either... But no worries, last time for me.
  5. Red2112

    Posted deleted because flaged as advertisement?

    I recently posted a video of a upcoming game. I did a showcase of what the game is about. It´s not even out yet and wont be till Q3. The post has been deleted because of advertisement. Kind of odd as any thing you post with regards to ANY game could be flaged/taged as advertisement. Iam not...
  6. Red2112

    New to the Squad Leader community on GameSquad? Introduce yourself here

    Totally new to SQL and ASL, but have played a bit with ASLSK #1-3, and Tigers on the Hunt, a PC wargame which uses the ASLSK rules. Other then that, I have played other wargames... Cheers.
  7. Red2112

    Cross of Iron editions

    Greetings, I recentlly bought a 4th edition SQL copy, and incoming is a 2nd edition of CoI. I would also like to add that Iam new to SQL and wanted to start with it´s origins. I have searched a bit with regards to what differences there might be between the 2nd and 3rd, 4th editions of CoI but...
  8. Red2112

    Wargaming Print and Play Tools and Tips

    A small guide I put together for print and play, along with some repair ideas. Hope it helps... Red
  9. Red2112

    DVG Hornet Leader

    Errr, kind of late LOL!
  10. Red2112

    DVG Hornet Leader

    If you want to get an Idea of how it is, here´s me with the PC version... Both Phantom and Hornet Leader use the same system. I find it fun and challenging. The above was my first victory out of 8 gameplays! Red
  11. Red2112

    Combat Actions Vietnam

    Yeah, I like it alot too. Specially because you don´t have to remember a ton of rules. So this way if you havent been playing for a while, you can pick it up again fast without the need to go back to the rules.
  12. Red2112

    Music: what are you Listening to now?

    I like the new look, great job! Red
  13. Red2112

    Combat Actions Vietnam

    Here´s my showcase of a recent released game by Jeff Lapkoff of Digital Gameworks... Combat Actions: Vietnam See video description for store links Red
  14. Red2112

    Westren Front Tank Leader: In the Box

    My "In The Box" video of this some how forgotten classic... A playthrough soon to follow. Care, Red
  15. Red2112

    Music: what are you Listening to now?

    Happy and safe holidays folks! Care, Red
  16. Red2112

    Conflict of Heroes PC version -The Gap- with dice cam

    Playing CoH PC version The Gap firefight with dice cam... Happy Holidays to all! Red
  17. Red2112

    The best tabletop wargames ever!

    Iam just starting my first SCS game... I also have GD-42 (TCS), and The Mighty Endeavor (SCS) on the shelf. Tunisia II (OCS) is on my list and overall I like the systems that MMP put out. I would also like to get/try one of the two BCS system games. Someone mentioned "Downtown", I have...
  18. Red2112

    Urban Operations (Nuts Publishing)

    My "whats in the box" video of this great game... Nuts home site: Red
  19. Red2112

    Fields of Fire 2nd edition GMT

    The 2nd edition of Fields of Fire has been released by GMT... For those who have the first edition, there´s a update pack that you can buy. BGG: Unboxing: Game mechanics: First edition tutorial: Happy wargaming, Red
  20. Red2112

    PoA2.5 and TU updates (2017)

    Anybody who need´s the update can contact HSP support till a official update is posted at the HPS site...