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  1. RRschultze

    Your top 5 favorite NFL players of all time

    Joe montanna, Ronnie Lott, Jerry rice, Lawrence Taylor and Carl banks.
  2. RRschultze

    The British European Referendum

    Perry... Say what you mean, don't sit on that fence!. Good to see you on the forums!. How's the medication holding up :)
  3. RRschultze

    German four barrel AAMG?

    Wi wirbelwind mounted the quad 20mm flakweirling
  4. RRschultze

    Any interest in "print your own" turret counters?

    I’m not knocking them, there good and would be useful for chaps who haven’t got them.
  5. RRschultze

    Any interest in "print your own" turret counters?

    Already have countersmith workshop version
  6. RRschultze


    Nordic twilight Hill of blood
  7. RRschultze

    Happy Christmas Everybody....

    Spellchecker would be good!
  8. RRschultze

    Happy Christmas Everybody....

    Look at his face he’s just been given his 1st dicetower! Happy Christmas Martin to you and family!
  9. RRschultze

    Any good storage methods for CH panel map packs?

    there is a Latin word that springs to mind when reading his comments “fuckus Wittis”
  10. RRschultze

    Lords of the Steppes

    Ray is that you?
  11. RRschultze

    Konigsberg Playtest at Winter Offensive

    This makes perfect sense Martin, as we both have previously discussed this proposed change at length.
  12. RRschultze

    Konigsberg Playtest at Winter Offensive

    Got it! I wouldn’t mind but I was one of the playtesters for this module! I did get shell shocked playing the Germans. Conscripts in a city situation with lots of rubble is tough
  13. RRschultze

    Gare du Hatten/ Hillock questions

    Get rid of the stupid hillock rule and count it as a wall. There is so many questions being raised by this Emrr
  14. RRschultze

    The return of 1 inch square counters.

    Are they the same size counters he did in the large version of ‘backhand blow’ Kharkov module? I picked this up and loved the counter size in this. I do agree though it would be expensive to supersize everything ie boards and re buy your counter collection. Although there would be people who...
  15. RRschultze

    November lines at Stalingrad Question

    have you considered having the Germans as 2nd line squads to reflect shortages or even adjust ELR ? - keep it simple! At this stage the Germans were worn out and replacements were hard to come by especially experienced ones. As you have recently played KGS - what about possibility of walking...
  16. RRschultze

    Vasl maps and extension for Critical Hit Omaha West and East available

    Any chance ‘gates of hell’ (the other ponyri map) could be added to the list. Devils domain already done.
  17. RRschultze

    Any good storage methods for CH panel map packs?

    Let’s not start a ‘flame’ war
  18. RRschultze

    Any good storage methods for CH panel map packs?

    I use artist carry case. A2 size I think. You can have the panel open. Easy to store and good for on the move
  19. RRschultze

    The best HASL scenario?

    I’ve played “gotterdamnerung” from CH Berlin module, that was fun, a fair few chrome rules though, including bed spring mattresses on Russian tanks to hamper panzerfausts/schreks