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  1. PabloGS

    I have never tried…

    Well, right there is the reason for the atomic bombs.
  2. PabloGS

    Original ASL rule book question

    I hear you. Back in the day, I scanned my ASLRB, printed the pages in nice tough paper, and spiral-bound the end result. What I am mulling doing now is to do the same with the eASLRB, w/o the scans of course, to get a nice fat and large ASLRB printed out of PDF. I do not think I will buy the...
  3. PabloGS

    Any wargame stores in Shanghai?

    Will travel there for a few days, would like to check Chinese wargames if available?
  4. PabloGS

    Twilight of the Reich Update

    It appears to me that Twilight of the Reich does not fit neatly into the broad product lines MMP has traditionally put out, so it can be called anyway they want. The most similar MMP product is, I think, Swedish Volunteers. Why? Because it is made of thematically joined scenarios, no HASL map...
  5. PabloGS

    Zamoly - huge tank battle.

    Panzers Last Stand has a scenario on the battle of Zamoly. It appears the HASL map posted is oriented with West on top. Looks like the few hexes around the Zamoly town, with the bend in the Forras river and with hills to the south.
  6. PabloGS

    A Life of ASL - Summary to date...

    Slacker! No seriously, very impressive. I have been recording plays for 13 years, and have managed short of 200 in that time...
  7. PabloGS

    Help with vehicle counter organization, Plano 3701?

    After having gone through several reorganizations and resortings, my sense is that the counter organization you implement is a reflection of your own self and circumstances. That is my mantra when I get nightmares about trying to improve my British vehicles system, or what to do with TPPs and...
  8. PabloGS

    Down by the River [J202]

    Hello. We are about to start a game of J202. Looks quite fun and diverse. SSR3 states that "pond hexes are considered river hexes". Obviously this should not apply to hex 32K5, which has a pond but per B21.13 is not considered a Water Obstacle, correct? Thanks
  9. PabloGS

    C7.42 is confusing, let's change A7.55

    A probably trivial question. Maybe the errata was missed because the rule is literally named "Mandatory FG", hence one would assume that it only applies to units that can actually form a FG? Jim's excellent article states that "The errata now accounts for units incapable of forming a Fire Group...
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    Light Woods

  11. PabloGS

    Light Woods

    Indeed! A.2 applies, but Steve beat me anyway LOL.
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    Light Woods

    Hi. Light Woods hinder but do not block same-level LOS. How do they affect different-level LOS? They create blind hexes like woods or they do not block LOS at all? Thanks.
  13. PabloGS

    Kokoda Trip

    Great pics, thanks for sharing! In "The Unauthorized History of the Pacific War" podcast and youtube channel there is a specific episode on the Kokoda trail, very interesting stuff.
  14. PabloGS

    Bocage Flowchart?

    It is a nice aid. But remember that bocage provides HD. It is indirectly stated in the last line of the vehicle gray box.
  15. PabloGS

    Deep snow, at night, in the forest, on skis...

    Thanks, on to the HW on skis then lol.
  16. PabloGS

    Deep snow, at night, in the forest, on skis...

    Another Q, on the same thread to keep it compact. So, what do Russian Skiers in Deep Snow, at night, on a pine wood forest, really want to do? A Human Wave of course! Here is the question. E4.2 states that Skiers can swith off their skis during the MPh or APh, and in the later either at the...
  17. PabloGS

    Deep snow, at night, in the forest, on skis...

    Probably that index entry clears it. Unless one wants to argue that Skiers, that is "Units on skis that are in ski mode, and are referred to as Skiers" are not Infantry. That would be a stretch!
  18. PabloGS

    Deep snow, at night, in the forest, on skis...

    We are playing J196, Blood Amongst the Pines, and the following question arose: Are units on skis exempt from the 1MF penalty of moving in concealment terrain at night? E4.2 states that units can be on foot, on skis, or transported by other means: E4.2 SKI MODE: The special rules for ski...
  19. PabloGS

    Text not appearing

    Thanks for the thread. I had been running into the problem of playing logs with the newer versions and not being able to see any input text at all. Now I changed the extension directory to a new location which is empty and voila! Logs play perfectly. I will start putting back the extensions in...
  20. PabloGS

    J197 Death On The French Coast

    I've played Expendable Allies (Attacker won big, because the Poles did not cover well vs the flanking German force), Corking the Chambois Bottle (Defender won but it was tight, an even more aggressive push might have been necessary early on), and am currently playing Panzerpionier! I think the...