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  1. rdw5150

    Bounding Fire Intensive Fire

    OK thanks all, again, we played it correctly. Peace Roger
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    Defensive Fire at Unloading passengers

    This is how we played it, I just wanted to make certain. Thanks all!
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    Defensive Fire at Unloading passengers

    Hi! Start of the movement phase. Passengers in a stopped HT announce they are unloading. Can First Fire be used against the HT (vehicular target type), possibly flaming it and killing the passengers before they unload or once the unload announcement is made, they can only be shot at (direct...
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    Bounding Fire Intensive Fire

    Hello! Can a Bounding firer use Intensive Fire (assuming the firer stays in the same hex and has MP left)? Thanks! Peace Roger
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    ASLOK XXXVIII - October 6th thru 13th, 2024

    his e-mail contact is on the web page. He's rarely on here.
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    VASL Scenario Setups?

  7. rdw5150

    VASL Scenario Setups?

    This was debated years (and years) ago. There were a bunch of setups out there. A lot were wrong. Most people (at that time) said it was easier to do them yourself. I find that I would spend more time making certain it was correct than just doing a setup myself. Its not like it takes...
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    This........ 100 times this......... I support MMP by buying their products (which in terms of cardboard content are far and away the most expensive games I buy)........ The donate to a for profit entity is puzzling to me. SHRUG to each their own of course....... Roger
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    Charlie Kibler glass art

    man oh man, you know how many sets of those could be sold at ASLOK......... They are so cool........ I wish I was going to one of the those tournaments mentioned. Peace Roger
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    Hello! Agreed,,,,,, To me the decision to re-artwork existing maps was somewhat questionable at best (the fact I do not like the new artwork not withstanding). If it is indeed a copyright issue, it is not shocking and really should should not be that big of a surprise. When I realized the...
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    On the to Bridge(s)

    You posted in this long ago thread..... you can re-live history. SMILE!
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    On the to Bridge(s)

    here is the thread from 2010.....
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    On the to Bridge(s)

    Well looks like their AAR can no longer be found..... I did find an old thread on it (from 2010) when someone asked how the CG was and this was my response..... unfortunately the link is dead...... Not that Gary and Paul are the sole arbitrators on ASL, however, they are both really good and I...
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    On the to Bridge(s)

    It was a long (long) time ago, back when they posted way more. Something about entrenching behind the olive groves (Vineyards maybe)......... I remember it steereded me away from the CG....... Peace Roger
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    On the to Bridge(s)

    Didn't Gary M and Paul S find a pretty large issue with it? Its been years since I read about their playing of it here, but I seems to remember something was an issue. I cannot remember..... Roger
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    VASL preferred audio communication app

    Skype and Facebook calls.........
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    Looking for Playtesters/Proofreaders for another AP (France 1940)

    Hi! Heck yes! Burma and now early war! I can assist with proofing. My gaming time is limited and probably does not allow for PTing. Peace Roger
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    Burma 2 AP, tentatively titled: 'Race To Rangoon!', is almost ready. Need Playtesters for one last look.

    Yes they are. Looking forward to the Burma 2 pack. I had not realized it was in the works (been off the Forums for a while). Peace Roger
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    Smith's Ridge Blaze Refit question

    Hello! Burnie and I are currently playing the Smith's Ridge CG (great fun, amazing map). Boy it captures the American firepower (OBA and AIR) and quality of troops versus the masses. Anyway, We have a question on the refit phase. I do not have my rules in front of me, so please excuse the...
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    @ Klas & Scott

    I am not a fan of involving a computer to the game table. I am not saying I do not get it, I do, but, I like paper rules books and the like when playing face to face. I get enough screen time. Its one of the reasons I do not own the electronic rule book. Peace Roger