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  1. synicbast

    Burma 2 AP, tentatively titled: 'Race To Rangoon!', is almost ready. Need Playtesters for one last look.

    Just confirmed with John K that we are good to go for playtesting starting as soon as possible.
  2. synicbast

    Burma 2 AP, tentatively titled: 'Race To Rangoon!', is almost ready. Need Playtesters for one last look.

    Hi Fort, just waiting to hear back from my regular VASL partner in regards to whether we can fit in some playtest games from this weekend onwards - I think we might be able to manage 6 games plus associated notes by end of January
  3. synicbast

    The Story of O - A review of Orsogna

    Just had my copy arrive in New Zealand, gifted to me by a fellow ASL player. Box: It's actually pretty flimsy by comparison to the LFT folders of KGS and St Nazaire: I would say that the two spines, the front and back cover (including tabs) and the flap are no weightier than a slightly sturdy...
  4. synicbast

    Winter Offensive Packs or Hakkaa Päälle

    Just based on my experience playing through both HP and all but the last three WO packs, I would always recommend HP in terms of quality of scenario design. There are some gems in the WO packs but a lot of the scenarios have left me completely unimpressed both in regards to balance and...
  5. synicbast

    VASLeague 2019 General Discussion

    I don't have the scenario to hand, but the M5 with an AAMG has a MA Rof of 1 and the M5A1 version has an AAMG MA with a rof of 2, so if they are armed with AAMG then that would be why
  6. synicbast

    ASL producers I will never play or buy from again.

    I cheat and use my Italian keyboard set. So much easier when it's a ctrl-alt-key
  7. synicbast

    Help With Finding Old Articles on Red Barricades playing and Tactics - Please list

    one of the most comprehensove resources for RB discussions was Jeff Shields' site - unfortunately it no longer exists - the Armored Blitz discussion and counter-discussion was posted there plus several other articles on RB CG tactics
  8. synicbast

    ASL producers I will never play or buy from again.

    The way I see it, if I get one scenario that I would play again and two others that I felt were balanced and interesting, out of the same product , I'm coming out ahead purchase wise in regard to scenario packs. Modules are different in that I will play every scenario from them and they contain...
  9. synicbast

    Shootout at Slutsk Scenario - Opponent (Russian side) wanted

    Okay so it's Onslaught to Orsha scenario OB11. Sorry, don't have OtO (waiting for re-issue by BFP) otherwise would have been interested
  10. synicbast

    Today in ASL I ... (Day to day ASL doings)

    Looked at the VASL map of Z-13 the old rout report Night Lite Beach landing scenario set in Malaya, 1942 - damn that's a pretty map. On my Must Play list.
  11. synicbast

    Modern ASL

    okay thanks for responding. 1. I disagree quite stroingly with lumping ATGMs into a single category; the differences between 1st gen weapons such as Sagger, 2nd gen such as Swingfire, HOT and TOW, and third gen Fire and Forget targeting vis a vis the relative vulnerability of the operator to...
  12. synicbast

    Modern ASL

    Before we even look at how it might work, the immediate questions I am seeing are: How do you deal with 1st, 2nd and third generation ATGW within the current turn sequence? How do you differentiate credibly between Homogenous armour, Spaced armour, Chobham style Armour and ERA style armour...
  13. synicbast

    The ASL Book Club

    Not so much discredited as no longer treated as gospel just as Dupuy is also not the final word
  14. synicbast

    Modern ASL

    it could be expanded, but more importantly should it be? Personally my view is that the changes and modifications would be far better produced and marketed as a completely separate stand alone game not incorporated as part of the ASL pantheon. FW Korea is about as far as the current system can...
  15. synicbast

    AREA : a small info

    and at ASLOK the only games that count for AREA are the World cup games (which are scrupulously vetted by everyone involved naturally), the Mini-tournaments and the Grofaz Games - so they are verified by the TD as progress continues.
  16. synicbast

    Series Replay J73 and Wind Change B25.65

    so yeah the SR had a mistake - it happens
  17. synicbast

    Series Replay J73 and Wind Change B25.65

    5.65 WIND CHANGES: At the start of each RPh make a DR to determine if the wind will change during that Player Turn. On a DR of 2, a change occurs and a dr is made to determine what the change will be as per the following table: dr Wind Change 1 Direction: one hex clockwise (cw) 2...
  18. synicbast

    The A-Z of ASL and WWII

    Spitfire, because nothing else comes remotely close to the most beautiful looking and sounding prop-driven single seat fighter of all time.
  19. synicbast

    DTF-7 Fast and Furious German OB question

    232. The 231 was manufactured in both a 6 wheel (rad) [Note 71] and an 8 wheel version (8 rad) Note 72. The 232 [also note 72] was a Long range radio variant of the 231 8 rad and properly should not have the 8Rad designation after the Sdkfz 232 designation as no 232 6 wheel version saw service...
  20. synicbast

    Broken Ground Design Thread

    Under different names and with subtle errors that will require a new re-release and monster sized counters