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  1. Sgt Rock

    Twilight Of The Reich And WO #15 Are Up For Pre-Order

    Thank you. That helps with my decision.
  2. Sgt Rock

    Twilight Of The Reich And WO #15 Are Up For Pre-Order

    I went in on TotR but wasn’t sure about WO15. I’m new and I haven’t yet bought into any of the scenario packs or journals. I’m assuming that there are other such products (other Winter Offensives) out there worth collecting first. Is there a good rationale for buying WO15 now vs later?
  3. Sgt Rock

    Volksgrenadeirs in Twilight of the Reich

    You may be confusing the Volksgrenadiers with the Volkssturm. It was the Volkssturm that was raised and lead by the party and its leaders, the battalions filled with children and old men. The Volksgrenadiers, on the other hand, were made up of a core of veterans filled with replacements, along...
  4. Sgt Rock

    Winter/Snow Map Boards

    So the only “winterized” maps are on VASL?
  5. Sgt Rock

    Winter/Snow Map Boards

    Are there winterized map boards of the regular ones? I’d like the look when playing winter time scenarios contained with Beyond Valor and those on the west in the winter of ‘44, early ‘45.
  6. Sgt Rock

    Novice Tables At Tournaments?

    I’ll be taking no prisoners…
  7. Sgt Rock

    Brits On The Hook

    Anyone know of any scenarios of British forces fighting in the 2nd and 3rd Battle of the Hook in Korea?
  8. Sgt Rock

    Am I Right?

    Received For King And Country in the mail. First impression…a lot of nice counters and maps. Scenarios…meh. I felt FKaC to be a little underwhelming due to the scenarios. I get that it’s the British in Europe but I felt there were other battles in the ETO that would have been better...
  9. Sgt Rock

    HOB SS Combo Pack - Good, Bad?

    Saw this on the HOB website. Are the scenarios any good? Any with small unit action? Tank on tank? Balanced? Give me the skinny!
  10. Sgt Rock

    So…What’s Next?

    Even if I’m a Luddite with a computer? Just how hard is VASL?
  11. Sgt Rock

    Novice Tables At Tournaments?

    When I gain some level of proficiency at ASL (LOL!!!) I figure that I would like to try my luck at a tournament at some future date. Is there a process where newbies like me play other newbies or is it all the luck of the draw?
  12. Sgt Rock

    So…What’s Next?

    Right now it’s both the British/Commonwealth and the US in the Pacific. And then the Korean War.
  13. Sgt Rock

    So…What’s Next?

    I do want Forgotten War as I’m a huge fan of the battle of Pork Chop Hill which I have studied extensively. I’ll take a look at #17.
  14. Sgt Rock

    So…What’s Next?

    I appreciate that. I’ve narrowed down my interests to the Eastern Front, US airborne troops in France, and the PTO with US Marines and the British/ANZAC. A close follow-up would be the British/ANZAC/Gurkhas/Indians in Burma. Does the Rising Sun have special rules for jungle combat or is it...
  15. Sgt Rock

    So…What’s Next?

    I’ve got Beyond Valor and Paratrooper, so now I’m wondering what should I get next. Is there a logical progression? I see a lot of ASL products that are out of stock. With this in mind what is available that would be the most reasonable for me to acquire next?
  16. Sgt Rock

    ASL Action Pack #11 - 29 Let's Go!

    Is anyone familiar with this? Is it any good? I ask because I’m from Bedford, VA, the town and county where the ‘Bedford Boys’ of D-Day fame is located. My grandfather survived the beach landing and fought all the way to Germany so I thought it might be cool to play the Scenarios, some of which...
  17. Sgt Rock

    Any Easy Easts?

    Terrible title, I know. As I await my Beyond Valor 3rd set scheduled to arrive tomorrow I’m been currently putting together a felt lined dice tray while wondering if there are any small, easy/quick Eastern Front scenarios I can use to learn ASL?
  18. Sgt Rock

    FtF Lynchburg, VA

    I used to to play Squad Leader a few times 30+ years ago. Now I’ve got time, plenty and plenty of time to learn and play. I have all the ASL Stater Kits and I’ve got the ASL pocket rulebook bundle coming my way. I need a teacher and I’m willing to travel within Central Virginia to play. Give me...
  19. Sgt Rock

    Not So New That You’d Notice

    Back to pushing counters after a 30 year hiatus. Started with Squad Leader and ended with Harpoon. Now I’ve got time, nothing but time. Couldn’t find my old SL box so I bought into the starter kits. Hard time finding people in Central Virginia that play.