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  1. hayman

    Silly After Action Report - A Cab for Ste. Anne

    Roll on, Raul. Thanks for the AARs, always entertaining.
  2. hayman

    Soldiers of Orange SASL campaign question ion

    I have this Mag, but don’t have it handy. Possibly, the 3 Elite squads could be in addition to your campaign company? So maybe you start with your company + 3 extra elite squads, entering the game board mounted.
  3. hayman

    C1.3 OBA and placing an AR

    Yes, I think this is the gist of the OBA process; the way I like to think about it is that in a ‘real world’ combat action, the Forward Observer isn’t making radio contact with the Arty Battery for idle chit chat, he wants metal on target ASAP and the ASL rules were written in this vein. If you...
  4. hayman

    Illuminating Rounds 43: When I Call Roll

    A couple of low key WWII movies: Die Brucke (German 1959); a good anti war film A Midnight Clear (US 1992); quirky story involving a 1/2 squad of Intelligence personnel. - a nitpick on Martin regarding "A Bridge Too Far", he mentioned...
  5. hayman

    Silly After Action Report - The Last Drop

    Yes, The British SAS developed that insertion method during the 50's. They were particularly good at the 'low intensity' warfare with Malaysia's counter-insurgency and then the Confrontation against Indonesia. They used everything they had learned during WWII: using native populations to...
  6. hayman

    Illuminating Rounds 43: When I Call Roll

    In regards to the discussion about the Russian ASL group & team play: From observing cooperative games with multiple players on each side (such as roleplay, miniatures and multi-player boardgames), the 'usual' way of stopping the alpha gamer controlling the other participants is to...
  7. hayman

    Silly After Action Report - The Last Drop

    Yes, I heard a similar anecdote from the Indonesian Confrontation in the 50's: A Gurkha officer in a C47 flying above the jungle canopy being briefed by his CO. Jungle insertion involved parachuting into the treetops to be deliberately be caught up in the canopy, and then rappel down via ropes...
  8. hayman

    Larry asked...

    Maybe the questions should be: "Am I a hoarder or a minimalist?" and "Where does my O.C.D. tendencies fit in to all this?"
  9. hayman

    German soldiers in Allied invasion of France

    A good book read too! The southern Russian theatre is an oft neglected area, both in historical material & ASL content, in comparison to the rest of the Russian Front action. Franc Tireur's magazine covering the Crimea is the exception.
  10. hayman

    AAR - The Sooner The Better - J91

    No offense people, but we don't want all of you down here (we're a mob with high standards), just visit us on your holidays occasionally ;)
  11. hayman

    Board 77.

    For non-PTO, I'm thinking "Russian farming community" in the mid board saddle. Lots of in-season grain for HIP AT guns.
  12. hayman

    J188 Grab And Go - AAR

    Great AAR, shows what the Russians can do with the ability to deploy; something they usually can’t call upon. Nice write up.
  13. hayman

    AFV CMG & acquisition

    Thanks for the replies, folks.
  14. hayman

    AFV CMG & acquisition

    If my AFV (with B11 MA) moves in the Movement Phase, can I fire the CMG in the AdvFire Phase (at half FP) to place a -1 Acq counter (1/2") for the MA for the following turn's DefFire Phase?
  15. hayman

    Armoured Assault and Delay MP's

    Thanks Klas, I don't like stopping those beasts until they're in the best possible position, then they can just stay where they are and shoot, not much kills a KV-2 in '41.
  16. hayman

    Armoured Assault and Delay MP's

    I have Russian AFV with 9 Red MP's (KV-2's) who wish to use Armoured Assault with squads (in Platoon Movement). As the tanks can only go as far/fast as the foot infantry (6 Open Ground hexes in this case, as the squads are going CX); and I wish to keep the tanks In Motion at the end of their...
  17. hayman

    when is a unit eliminated for "failure to rout"?

    NRBH but I think your correct, in that: once your broken unit routs and finds itself in a FtR situation, it dies immediately. I'm pretty sure they don't stay around to be swept off the board at a later part of the Phase.
  18. hayman

    What ASL Product Have You Bought Recently?

    I think you’ve hooked a few in, Michael R. Reel ‘em in slooowly.
  19. hayman

    Question on Mission 12: Besieged, msr #7

    I don’t have the Mission card handy; but my interpretation would be: all actions (including auto actions) occur normally; but if an Enemy unit is called upon to Move, their direction is predetermined i.e. toward a VPO (rather than rolling a random direction using. Hex rosette).
  20. hayman

    Gap in Wall and LOS

    Thanks Randy