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    EXTRA, EXTRA- READ ALL ABOUT IT! Coup d'etat @ Enfilade

    We are in control. [OK, not so much "we" as "me", but that's not grammatically correct. Where was I? Oh yeah.] There will be new leadership for this years' Enfilade ASL Championship. There is no related announcement from the Revolutionary Cabal (that would, correctly, be "me") that it's...
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    Enfilade 2009 enters history!

    Well, another year of Enfilade is in the history books! Pictures at:
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    What boardgames have you played recently?

    I've recently (this summer) introduced the following to my seven-year-old: Munchkin (won one each) Empire Builder (he's won two games, but I've had crappy cards to start both times) Settlers of Cataan (biggest problem is, he wants to buy development cards too soon) Wondering what he...