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  1. Velocette

    Broken Ice Counter

    Okay - I give up, after about an hour of searching - I am unable to locate a "Broken Ice" counter VASL experts - please show me the way Thanks - Velo
  2. Velocette

    GRENADIER´23: ASL Tournament, Germany, 02.11.-05.11.2023

    Hoping to attend next year; unfortunately, could not get wife's passport sorted to commit to this year. Look forward to hearing more about the event - Velo
  3. Velocette

    NASHCON 2023

    Does anyone know if Steve McBee is running an ASL event at the NASHCON this year? The event website lists ASL under its preliminary events page, but there is no contact information or registration link - thanks -- Velo
  4. Velocette

    Gun Emplacement - Multiple Terrain Features in Hex

    Thanks for the response.... I was so focused on Emplacement and center hex dot that I completely negated to look at the rules for Road in Chapter B.... duh :cautious:
  5. Velocette

    Gun Emplacement - Multiple Terrain Features in Hex

    Can a Gun be setup Emplaced in a OG hex that contains both a paved road and a unpaved road? The hex center "dot" is clearly on the unpaved road portion of the hex. Thanks - Velo
  6. Velocette

    DZ:SME / Set-Up

    Getting ready to play SME CGIII-1 as the Germans; wondering if Klaus' response is "official" or "considered correct in his opinion" Thanks, Velo
  7. Velocette

    Spreading Blaze 2022 - Atlanta ASL Tourney

    Have the dates for the 2023 event been set yet? Thanks
  8. Velocette

    OBA Question

    Thanks so much -- I see it now; yup it is right there :rolleyes: duh
  9. Velocette

    OBA Question

    Thanks for the quick answer 👍 Now I just need to find that reference in the RB so as to figure out what is wrong with my understanding of that part of the OBA rule set.
  10. Velocette

    OBA Question

    It is the American PFPh; US player has Battery Access and Radio Contact. Off-board Observer has LOS to base level of U21. Question - Can the American player request an SR is U21 and ALSO declare that he will convert the SR to a FFE:1 after determination of Direction / Error? I have reviewed...
  11. Velocette

    TH vs Empty Hex

    Thanks - got it 👍
  12. Velocette

    TH vs Empty Hex

    Situation: Recon by Fire..... (I want to determine if a nearby orchard hex might contain HIP units) Ordnance [MTR] fires at the Orchard hex using ATT. Does the Case K +2 DRM apply? (i.e; would the TH DR be treated as Area Fire per C.4) Thanks, Velo
  13. Velocette

    Prisoner - Search Attempt

    Agree - taking this possibility into my scenario moves / planning Velo
  14. Velocette

    Prisoner - Search Attempt

    Follow-up question; does a captured 8-1 Leader apply a -1 DRM to entrenching attempts (in this case US HS + Captured HS & 8-1 Leader). Rules cited: A20.5: An unarmed SMC must be noted on a side record, but maintains its normal morale and leadership levels. B27.11: Similarly unused leader may...
  15. Velocette

    Prisoner - Search Attempt

    I have ordered my ASL brain to do an "About Face"!
  16. Velocette

    Prisoner - Search Attempt

    Well said Sir!
  17. Velocette

    Prisoner - Search Attempt

    Can a prisoner (in this case, a German prisoner HS guarded by a US ATTACKER HS) be used in a Search Attempt dr? EX: US HS with a German Prisoner HS attempts a Search; per the A12.152 Table provides a -1 drm for > then one HS searching I can't find anything in the eASLRB that says NO /...
  18. Velocette

    Armored Assault Question

    An AFV starts the MPh stacked (same location; Open Ground hex) with a Squad and Leader; the AFV and Infantry are planning to use Armored Assault (D9.31) during the MPh. Q1: Can the AFV expend more "total" MP than the Infantry (Squad & Leader) will expend MF during the MPh? Situation: the...
  19. Velocette

    Bounding Fire Fire & ROF Retention

    An AFV uses Bounding First Fire (during the MPh) by firing it's MA. The AFV keeps (retains) ROF. The AFV conducts no more MA attacks during the MPh; nor does it fire it's vehicular MG (BMG/CMG) during the MPh. It is now the AFPh, can the AFV: A) Fire the the MA and MG (BMG and CMG) each one...
  20. Velocette

    ASLOK XXXV (the Redux) - October 3rd thru 10th, 2021

    Not going to be able to attend ASLOK 2021; but planning to attend ASLOK 2022....... hopefully dragging a couple of other players with me Velo