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  1. Scout Out

    Favorite Movie Scores

    My fav five, Metropolis (Moroder Edition) (1984) :hail: Pink Floyd the Wall :hurray: Last of the Mohicans :cool: Heavy Metal :jack: Top Gun :flag:
  2. Scout Out

    more doom 3 stuff

    Dark as a witches behind. :surprise: :OHNO: I'm gonna try and finish Doom3 once without resorting to some of the Flashlight/Weapon mods out there. Looking forward to some 4-way fragfests as more Mods out there design maps for the doom crowd. Off to read the review... ;)
  3. Scout Out

    Best all time actor War or Combat movies

    Having voted for Audie Murphy, I'd like to add 2 actors that could easily have made the list. Vic Morrow, of COMBAT fame. James Coburn, Cross of Iron/Major Dundee/Hell Is for Heroes
  4. Scout Out

    Most effective Units in a battle...

    Playing an "Operation" called Mobile Defense. 2 player email. Of all the units on my side this 1 PZIVJ has lasted into the 3rd battle but still have 3battles to go. I must admit during this OP, a Soviet air strike during Battle 3 was intense. Immobilzed a King Tiger, while an IS-2 took out...
  5. Scout Out

    If you only had one war game...

    TOAW-COW would be the one computer game.:hurray: World in Flames the one Boardgame. :clap: One deck of Playing Cards :joy: as backup in case of power failure or worse. :cry:
  6. Scout Out

    Best Mini Series of All Time

    They are all good picks. BoB is great. And i have a softspot for V. There is one mini-series i'd like to add, I Claudius. :toast:
  7. Scout Out

    Suspense and Thriller Movies

    Alfred Hitchcock, :shock: may very well be the master of suspense and thriller movies. Going through a list of his movies and the TV show really brings to light his twisted genius. :scream: I agree Rear Window, is great, so are: Strangers on a Train Vertigo Psycho to name a few, of many...
  8. Scout Out

    Horror Movies

    Overseer, Actually I've only seen two on IFC. Don't think it makes me a fan. Can't remember the name of one but the other was "Ôdishon" or "Audition". Watched it late into the night and thought it was brilliant. The ending was as shocking as it was horrific. :shock: :scream: :shock...
  9. Scout Out

    Horror Movies

    Horror movies are hard to define. I consider "The Hulk" a horror movie, as well as "Alien" and "Seven". Even though one is considered Sci-Fi and the other Crime Drama. :shock: Vincent Price, has always been a favorite of mine when it comes to Horror. Even though many never really frightened...
  10. Scout Out

    Paul Mooney on Fahrenheit 9/11

    This last weekend i was invited by some of my liberal leaning friends to see a movie. Upon arriving i'm told that the movie of choice is Fahrenheit 9/11. Well i say "no way am i paying to see that piece of $%!^." I'll go see something else. Then an offer is made to pay my way "cuz it would be...
  11. Scout Out

    A history of wargaming

    A really good read!!!:D Especially liked this excerpt: Thanks for sharing. :toast:
  12. Scout Out

    The Last Samurai

    SAKI! Cruise-san's portrayal of a functional drunk & recovery from alcoholism was very well done. The relationships between Nathan & Katsumoto, Ujio, BOB and the clan was just superb. It is a thinking man's movie with much more to it than meets the eye. :thumb: :horse: :horse...
  13. Scout Out

    Favorite Quote from Movie

    Powers Booth. :thumb:
  14. Scout Out

    Favorite Quote from Movie

    free time = a bunch... Most are protaganist quotes. If ya don't know the movie quoted, ask. :toast: , someone should know. The web saved me a lot of typing. :drool: Darth Vader: I find your lack of faith disturbing. Darth Vader: He will join us or die, my master. Darth Vader...
  15. Scout Out

    Dr. Sinister Exposed

    What are you going to do tonight? Doctor Sinister, It has come to my attention that there is another who seeks domintaion of the world. I must admit to being a fan of his. The jury is still out who to follow??? Go here and meet your nemesis... :D...
  16. Scout Out

    Silver Surfer the greatest of them all?

    The Silver Surfer tops my list as the best Superhero. He did not start out as a hero, but became one because of his realization the Earth people were worth saving. Rather than allow Galactus, to consume the Earth, he joins forces with the Fantastic Four to defeat him when words fail to sway...
  17. Scout Out

    Freeware & Shareware

    Hoplites I have downloaded and played this one, more than a few times.
  18. Scout Out

    Gamers, Why we do what we do?

    Surfing the web, i came across this article and thought it interesting enough to share with those who inhabit this community. Let me know what you think of the article, and i'll indulge in some dialog with anyone who wants to. Lost in Translation Why Japanese gamers love avenging Pearl...
  19. Scout Out

    Members Favorite music

    Musicians: Johnny Cash Toby Kieth Shania Twain David Bowie Bach Groups: Doors Pink Floyd Rush Blue Oyster Cult Molly Hachet Main Stream: Country & Western Misc: Just about any Military Marching Band playing at parades or special events. The sound track for "Smallville"...
  20. Scout Out

    The Five Best War Movies Ever

    Here are my five movie picks: 1. We were Soldiers 2. All quiet on the Western Front 3. Pork Chop Hill 4. War Kill 5. The Devils Brigade I would also like to mention that i enjoyed "Band of Brothers" and "Sharpe's Rifles" series. Just bought the mag, and came here to the web site. I...