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  1. MrHonus

    ASL Bell Tolls

    Rest easy. Saw him on VASL quite a bit.
  2. MrHonus

    Message from MMP re: Dean Essig

    Rest easy.
  3. MrHonus

    I Don't Want To Cause No Fuss...

    It just doesn't feel the same.
  4. MrHonus

    What time frame are you looking at for playing? I am on the West Coast and can play weekday...

    What time frame are you looking at for playing? I am on the West Coast and can play weekday mornings from 8 AM. I can be available for afternoons or evenings, at least on occasion.
  5. MrHonus

    Forgotten War Q & A.

    If you look at the Infantry and Support Weapon Examples you can see the FP value for Psks vs Infantry (12). The Counter layout is the same as for a Bazooka (as can be seen by looking at the counter images in the BAZ rule (C13.4 and 13.48).
  6. MrHonus

    Live VASL wanted

    Looking for some hot man on man action. Will play pretty much anything that doesn't involve Desert or caves. I am on the US West Coast, best times for me are weekdays from 8AM Local. Particularly interested in Dinant or Red October CGs. I use Skype.
  7. MrHonus

    J235 Set Up Query

  8. MrHonus

    J235 Set Up Query

    SSR 2 specifies Night Rules (E1) are in effect...on GameTurns 1-3. Does this apply to the setup (i.e. do the Japanese get extra dummy counters and 25% HIP)?
  9. MrHonus

    VASLeague 2023

    I don't know when this round is supposed to end, but I've pretty much given up on hearing from my opponent.
  10. MrHonus

    J246 TI SU-100's

    What is the point of having some of these AGs be TI for the first German player turn?
  11. MrHonus

    VASLeague 2023

    I went to report our second round results and got a dead link. I couldn't find a link on the main page for reporting....
  12. MrHonus

    VASLeague 2023

    Are first round results published anywhere?
  13. MrHonus

    Live VASL Opponent wanted

    And still:
  14. MrHonus

    Panzer Lehr Extension?

  15. MrHonus

    Heavy Mist and Rain

    There is no SSR. V. Heavy Mist exists, and the weather is Overcast, so rain might occur.
  16. MrHonus

    Panzer Lehr Extension?

    Is there an extension somewhere with the Panzer Lehr counters for The Milk Factory?
  17. MrHonus

    Heavy Mist and Rain

    That is a pretty big assumption. Yours is my interpretation as well, but not sure if that was the intent.
  18. MrHonus

    Heavy Mist and Rain

    In the Milk Factory Campaign, during the 20 AM Date V. Heavy Mist exists with the possibility of Rain. Are the Rain and Mist LVs cumulative, or will Rain negate the V. Heavy Mist?
  19. MrHonus

    C 1.33 - SR Converted to FFE but Centre Drifts out of LOS

    The base level of the final hex is out of LOS of the Observer, and there are no known enemy units in or adjacent to the hex.
  20. MrHonus

    VASLeague 2023

    Ooooh, burn! Betcha feel all manly now!