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  1. Wodin

    Escape from Colditz

    AWNT review Osprey Games recent release of this all time classic
  2. Wodin

    Afgan '11 review

    AWNT review Afghanistan '11
  3. Wodin

    VCommandos Review

    AWNT review Triton Noir VCommandos game
  4. Wodin

    The American Revolution Review

    AWNT review Decision Games American Revolution
  5. Wodin

    AARs wanted for AWNT

    Hello, Jason here from A Wargamers Needful Things website. I'd love to publish any ASL AAR's any of you have or are in the process of doing. More the merrier:) Love AWNT to become a major website for people to come read ASL AAR's! Message me or email me at (two...
  6. Wodin

    Final Act Review

    Great little wargame to get the youngsters into the hobby!
  7. Wodin

    Battle Academy 2 and Kursk Expansion reviewed

    AWNT review this oldie but goodie:)
  8. Wodin

    Legend: Winds of War

    AWNT review Legend: Winds of War. A highly detailed racing boardgame.
  9. Wodin

    Tides of Numenera Review

    AWNT review Torment: Tides of Numenera RPG.
  10. Wodin

    B17 Queen of the Skies PC emulator

    A great little program of the classic B17 solo boardgame. Good little time waster..shame no longer worked on but it does the job.
  11. Wodin

    Expedition Conquistador Review

    Review has been published as a taster for the up coming Vikings game which will be reviewed:)
  12. Wodin

    The Great War

    Hexsim board game conversion The Great War review has been published
  13. Wodin

    Miniatures Blogging and Websites

    There is also my website:)
  14. Wodin

    Like I Really Need Another Game

    Personally if you want a turn based tactical wargame I reckon apart from the old stalwart Steel Panthers WAW or WW2 I'd say Squad Battles is by far the best out there. Not perfect by any means but far more complete as a game than TOTH and better mechanics than LnL Stalingrad or Conflict of...
  15. Wodin

    Warfighter Modern 2nd Edition Review

    AWNT review DVG's Warfighter Modern 2nd Edition
  16. Wodin

    When will the user flags return?

  17. Wodin

    Tigers Unleashed article

    A Wargamers Needful Things published an article about Tigers Unleashed which was followed by a reply from Scott. Scotts reply below...
  18. Wodin

    Sanctus Reach Review

    A Wargamers needful Things reviews Sanctus Reach. Is this the closest to the minis game yet seen on the PC...?
  19. Wodin

    Music: what are you Listening to now?

    Im into 60's Garage and 60's psych music. Have about 200 CD's and most of them you would call psych from the mid sixties to about 70/71.
  20. Wodin

    Music: what are you Listening to now?

    This is their only album Im afraid. GO and BUY it!! I also suggest you buy the ELectric Prunes "Underground " Album:)