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    VASL6.6.5-beta1 released

    Possible to add Game Piece Prototype Definitions to the base module for; axCT2tur, geCT2tur, jaCT2tur, ruCT2tur, xxCT2tur, etc...?
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    Finn Project

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    VASL6.6.5-beta1 released

    Possible to get a Romanian "Axis Control" Label added into the mix?
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    Electronic ASL Rulebook Now on Sale!!

    Since SASL is next to impossible to purchase adding it to the Electronic Rule Book would be wonderful. I bet it would get some folks to purchase for sure.
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    Deluxe boards m, n and o from Winter Offensive Pack 13

    Any chance of adding these to the Thumbnail of geoboards graphic in the Designers Forum? That is a very hand tool.
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    VASL custom tables update #2 - reinforcement markers!

    I tried this with Romanians (Turn 1,2,3) and Russians (Turn 1,2) and it did not work, only got Romanian marker for Turn 3.
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    VASL custom tables update #2 - reinforcement markers!

    Wow, quick work. Thank you.
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    VASL custom tables update #2 - reinforcement markers!

    Neal, Any chance of adding an Aerosan Movement Table with applicable notes to your Terrain Module?
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    Victory Conditions

    I will usually design in a "Draw" condition as the requirement of a secondary mission for one side or the other. An example would be that both sides have to control Hex X to win the game, but side B must also exit their 10-3 Leader off the board or else they can at most achieve a "Draw". I...
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    Victory Conditions

    I suppose I should answer my own question. I prefer VC1 followed by VC4 (in my mind both are tangible and allow for more pregame planning). I rarely play VC2 (it is a combat game, not an avoid combat game. I suppose the turn limit makes a difference here for me) and I don't think I have ever...
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    Victory Conditions

    What type of Victory Conditions do you prefer most? Secure/Capture Location(s) Exit Map Combat Victory Points Destroy Target/Location/Unit Other (explain) Do you like Victory Conditions that allow (or force) for a Draw? Do you like a combination of Victory Conditions, or different...
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    YoB Appendix E - PDFs of Official and Selected TPM Board Thumbnails

    This is really handy, any hope for further updates?
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    HoB still in business?

    I had an order filled in a weeks time in April, very fast service.
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    Really Useful Boards

    Nice boards, I especially like the first one, although shell holes in towns/villages are not my favorite default as they can be added if needed.
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    Which nationality has the most authentic " flavor "

    25.7 FINNISH: Finnish Personnel [EXC: Conscript squads/HS (4-3-7/2-2-7)] may attempt Self-Rally during any RPh,......
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    #66 Five-Oh-Sink

    Per your question on the replay value of Scenarios and their "value/worth". I think something close to what you were describing could be akin to LCP's ASL For Fun, The Road to Odessa. This Scenario (and most of the ASL for Fun Modules) has multiple options for set up and deployment, the...