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  1. Cpl Uhl

    WO15 - Liberation Day

    We had same question re sN. I think we played it as sD, no CC.
  2. Cpl Uhl

    Banzai charge

    Yup, that's what I thought the first 15 years or so....
  3. Cpl Uhl

    LFT16 FT333 Good Enough? Question

    Thanks, that's what I figure too. But it doesn't even say that PTO terrain is in effect, an obvious oversight, so I wondered what the designer's intent was. Or maybe this part of New Guinea isn't "jungle-y"?
  4. Cpl Uhl

    LFT16 FT333 Good Enough? Question

    Assuming PTO terrain is in effect (New Guinea), is it including Light Jungle or not? The Special Rules do not say.
  5. Cpl Uhl

    WO15 - Liberation Day

    Here's a question: Can the Russians and Partisans FG (if in same hex)? Can they join FP in CC?
  6. Cpl Uhl

    Mortar spotters

    I like using Spotted Fire in PTO, light jungle to put the mtr a hex behind a front line squad/spotter. As the enemy comes into contact, nasty surprise. HE, WP, all good.
  7. Cpl Uhl

    AAR - BFP-67 Coke Hill

    Agree, this one is tons of fun!
  8. Cpl Uhl

    ASL Bell Tolls

    Thanks for posting this Dave.
  9. Cpl Uhl

    ASL Bell Tolls

    "A 2 Morale Check, please, Sam." Joe taught me politeness at the ASL table. Miss you, Joe. Rest in Peace.
  10. Cpl Uhl

    any one own the Le Franc Tireur Blue Division scenarios?

    Liked the scenarios, the historical info in the magazine is also good. Can't understand why One Spanish Hero hasn't become a classic. Great little tournament scenario.
  11. Cpl Uhl

    ASLOK 2023 Releases?

    So, I say this without intending any offense to ASLOK aficionados, nor with any lack of appreciation for past ASLOK APs, but for me, and maybe for others, who have never attended nor ever will attend ASLOK, there is NO PARTICULAR ALLURE to the ASLOK "theme". Unit themed APs, theatre themed...
  12. Cpl Uhl

    FTC12 - when is this coming out?

    I missed this too. Thanks for bumping it up!
  13. Cpl Uhl


    Nice AAR. My KPA won this thanks to two lucky 82mm hits to immob one and KIA another tank. Love the mortar with 2lvl spotter in this. I tried to do a Smoke the tank/THH attack combo, but didn't get the smoke. My opponent thought this one is all about exiting the tanks, but your game shows that...
  14. Cpl Uhl

    AAR - WCW10 Stand And Die

    Played this a year or so ago and had pretty much the same result.
  15. Cpl Uhl

    J226 Drawing The Kroh Overlay question

    And it also had the desired effect of encouraging social interaction. Beautiful.
  16. Cpl Uhl

    Will there be another DZ module?

    For the "meta-HASL" I'd love to see some adaptation of the Timoshenko's Attack concept, buying reinforcements for different maps, being able to transfer units from one CG map to the other, etc
  17. Cpl Uhl

    AI-generated ASL geoboards?

    I think we DO know. CH has been doing this for years. Cheap shot, I know, but...
  18. Cpl Uhl

    Overrun, AFV killed - when does the OVR attack occur?

    Thanks. It's true, D7.1 says the OVR attack "is resolved on the IFT immediately after the MP expenditure [EXC: Bog DR and defensive First Fire other than Reaction Fire prompted by the MP expenditure...are resolved first." It doesn't say "after the first MP of the MP expenditure". So that...
  19. Cpl Uhl

    Overrun, AFV killed - when does the OVR attack occur?

    The funky thing is that, assuming the OVR result, if any, is applied after all DFF shots by the gun, the first tank, after being killed by the first DFF shot, is still VIRTUALLY in the hex waiting to do resolve its overrun, thus do Target Selection Limits apply? Or is the tank dead, time...
  20. Cpl Uhl

    Overrun, AFV killed - when does the OVR attack occur?

    Japanese platoon of Ha Go's overruns a Dutch AT Gun, expending 5MP to do so, with 1st tank OVRing Gun and 2nd tank trailing. AT Gun fires on lead tank, MP 1, hits, keeps ROF, kills lead tank. Can the Gun fire again at the trailing tank's MP 2? If it gets ROF, can it fire on MP 3, and so on...