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    Sengo, A great place to be!

    Its nice to hear your opinions - glad you like it here. I have to agree. :p
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    Whoa Summin Hapened!!

    I always run my AOL, and that picks up on a few things whilst I'm surfing. But I wouldn't completely use that alone.
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    I'd like to say hello...

    Yeah, cool sig. ;) Its nice to see more and more members coming out in the open. If your a guest reading this - sign up! :p
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    hey o

    Good work, Darksora. Like I said, some people are just made to make sigs. :p
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    Almost a PSP owner

    I'm just not letting you post abusive or upsetting posts. Its against the rules and nobody cares.
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    Almost a PSP owner

    I'm not willing to argue. Oliphant started this thread to chat about a valid thing, you have once again turned another topic off-topic with your pointless banter. Sorry everyone.
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    Almost a PSP owner

    And my advice it to ignore him. He is a known spammer. ;) If having hundreds of friendly members who like to chat about regular things makes us 'gay' and 'serious' then so be it!
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    Almost a PSP owner

    Welcome to Sengo! What will your first game(s) be?
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    I can somewhat understand. :p Glad to see another member joining the ranks. Hope you stay active.
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    newbie needs help

    Oh, sorry, I thought you had gone back onto topic there. :p The edit button is in the bottom right hand corner of your post. Simply click on that to add more content to a past post.
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    newbie needs help

    Are you talking about the docking station? If you are, I'm not the best person to be talking to about it. :p
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    newbie needs help

    Becuase your new to the forum, I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. But in future, please use the edit button instead of making numerous posts. ;) Luke is usually busy, but I'm sure if he see's this, he will be more than happy to help. :p Good luck!
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    I hope we have another good active member joining the ranks. ;)
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    HI! & Whatever happened too.........

    Nice PSP inventory. You seem like a cool user already. ;)
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    i am new hot and sexy

    Its nice to see cousin's taking on the same sort of dialouge. :p
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    Nice to see our members are spreading the word. ;)
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    Whats My Muthaphunking Name!!!

    I'd do anything for that cake on my birthday. :p Hope you had a great day!
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    I'm new here

    We are a friendly bunch here. ;)
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    Hi i'm new !!!

    I think we need to perhaps do a 'no post count' thing like the Basement. :p
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    Hello, everyone!

    Well, we're a friendly bunch. :p Glad to see you sticking around. ;)