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  1. KYCATS7

    Twilight Of The Reich And WO #15 Are Up For Pre-Order

    ….might be nice for my spotted fire MTRs in RB 👍
  2. KYCATS7

    ASLOK Playtesting

    I’m in. Russ
  3. KYCATS7

    Perfect Game

    …..there are better options in the SIP…..they have beer showers in Stark-vegas?? (and yes, I know they are National Champs, but that’s so 2021 😬)
  4. KYCATS7

    FTC 11 starts shipping

    Definitely put on the “play list“ after reading it. Look forward to getting it on the table! Russ
  5. KYCATS7

    First Defensive Fire: LOS

    I am the same way. I prefer books to e anythihg…BUT after trying it I was hooked…search function is great and highlighting, then underling in red REAL important stuff has gotten easy for me to do. My only issue is I’m trying to figure out is how to upgrade the latest version without losing my...
  6. KYCATS7

    St Louis Tourney 2021

    Fear The Zoet!
  7. KYCATS7

    "The Void"

    It’s the Saints and Soldiers Series “Saints And Soldiers The Void”....another in the series is “Airborne”...I very much liked the original just “Saints And Soldiers “
  8. KYCATS7

    ASL in Colorado Springs

  9. KYCATS7

    Some pertinent news from MMP

    Nope, nothing lost.....just my poor attempt at humor?
  10. KYCATS7

    Some pertinent news from MMP

    ...well, there is the pre-order savings, but agree with Mark....nothing free that I’ve heard about ?
  11. KYCATS7

    Are You Going to Play a Korean War Scenario at ASLOK 2019?

    I will help with that Pete.....
  12. KYCATS7

    ASL in Colorado Springs

    Looking for FTF in the Colorado Springs area. Pretty flexible schedule. Thx Russ
  13. KYCATS7

    Are you sick of Korea already?

    .....both can if properly gripped by the husk.....
  14. KYCATS7

    Possible (non-ASL) ASLOK opportunity for non-US attendee

    It might have been the “thou shalt cleanse thyself in a tub of counters first” requirement. Good to play you this week Mark! Russ
  15. KYCATS7

    RBF 5

    DASL rocks!
  16. KYCATS7

    Oh, what a Wonderful Game........

    Nothing that can’t be fixed with a “man-ssiere”......I mean a “bro”....
  17. KYCATS7

    Today in ASL I ... (Day to day ASL doings)

    Just watched this also....I thought it was very good!
  18. KYCATS7

    Ideas for new counters

    Hope is the denial of reality.............
  19. KYCATS7

    British "3-in." mortar revisited

    So if Captain Winters slipped the nearest artillery battery commander a bottle of whiskey during his last meeting, why not have 105mm or 155mm "battalion MTR" OBA. How about a bar of gold?..