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  1. takai

    Identify countersheet

    Thanks, Honza!
  2. takai

    Identify countersheet

    Thanks, Michael. I don't have facebook, so cannot post there.
  3. takai

    Identify countersheet

    PS: I'm selling a large part of my collection, there's a bunch of rare collectors items here. Combined shipping via Swiss Post. If you like, you can get snarky about the prices. Thanks.
  4. takai

    Identify countersheet

    Thanks, guys. That's it.
  5. takai

    Identify countersheet

    Where did I get this countersheet from? Thanks!
  6. takai

    Brevity Assault pack available for pre-orders!

    It‘s a very fresh and innovative product. A bit out of my current budget, but it does look excellent. Godspeed to the new publisher.
  7. takai

    Raaco Insert 3D printed

    I‘m looking for an stl file for a tray of larger counters, does somebody have one to share? Thank you so much.
  8. takai

    Hatten In Flames available for pre-order

    The box cover looks fantastic, can't wait to play this one!
  9. takai

    Hatten HASL

    Ok, there are tidbits in Journal 12, I just read them. Looking forward to playing this, it looks very nice. And likely a lot of work went into it, so thanks for putting in the effort.
  10. takai

    Hatten HASL

    No Preorder, no cover, no news, no price, everything points to a surprise hit.
  11. takai

    Hatten HASL

    MMP's site has the Hatten HASL timed to arrive this summer: is that true? Because I'd like to plan my budget, and with Red Factories and the AoO reprint, there will have to be a budget.
  12. takai

    Overlay Pack

    I think that's an excellent idea, opening the design space some more and also reducing the need to include new overlays in future products. The journal 4 overlay situation is quite unfortunate, especially if you like bocage. It would be possible to include the board 25 escarpment with the map...
  13. takai

    ASL Supplemental Map Bundle Question

    What a nice way to store the maps. I think it's a good idea to cut them in the middle. This solves the alignment as well as the storage problem. Plus I don't like to fold a halfboard for playing, it's wobbly. Also, what Robin said makes perfect sense. I'd recommend to adjust the pre-order...
  14. takai

    ASL Supplemental Map Bundle Question

    So why are people not pre-ordering? Seems like a good deal at $3 per map. I have all the maps already, so it doesn‘t make much sense for me. But there should be a ton of new players out there for which this is an interesting option.
  15. takai

    Dispatches from the Bunker Issue #46 transmitted today

    Excellent issue, thanks a bunch. The article on anti-tank combat is very long, but also pretty good. I never new about being able to use the unarmored option when shooting from above, great detail. The Maus scenarios look awesome, but require some serious late-war expertise.
  16. takai

    Rising Sun Reprint

    Isn't it usually about 500 copies? Anway, setting up a pre-order would in any case establish the interest.
  17. takai

    Dispatches From the Bunker #45 e-mailed tonight

    I added the current issue to BGG. There's only a handful of issues stored, so if anybody feels like adding more: please do.
  18. takai

    Board 76 now available at

    Only just saw that board 76 is out. Thanks a lot!
  19. takai

    Drive for Saint-Lô on VASL

    Thanks, Brian!
  20. takai

    Drive for Saint-Lô on VASL

    Is there a VASL map available for Drive for Saint-Lô?