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    ASL Bell Tolls

    Rest in Peace, and my condolences to those close to him. Rick N
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    New Sad News over at MMP

    Oh my. Please accept my condolences.
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    TEM and Resid and Bypass

    Thanks everyone. I'm embarrased to say how long I've been playing this wrong. 🤷‍♂️
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    TEM and Resid and Bypass

    Why wouldn't FFMO apply? They are moving in the Open Ground part of the hex, although I can see why not when I read rule A10.531 OPEN GROUND. It talks about a hex where Interdiction could occur, and since a routing unit doesn't use Bypass Interdiction couldn't occur in the hex I described...
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    TEM and Resid and Bypass

    The second to last last sentence of A8.2 says, "All non-hexside TEM and SMOKE/FFE-Hindrance DRM of the target Location apply to a Residual FP attack (even vs Bypassing units). Does FFNAM apply to the Residual attack? Does FFMO apply to the Residual attack? My non-Assault moving squad...
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    Defensive fire Baz.

    I was wondering about this subject when playing the Hatten In Flames CG with lots of US Bazookas with WP. The two quotes below are from the latest updated E-Rulebook. It appears that C8.6 merely allows WP to be fired in the AFPh unlike regular Smoke. The Q&A answer is allowing WP to fired...
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    Returning to ASL

    These will keep you busy for a while. :)
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    Building control and FIRE!

    No time left for me. It was my last player-turn and I didn't realize the implications of the rule even though I sort of knew it. I control the whole building but I didn't move anyone out of the building to deny surrounding hexes. I think I'll remember the finer points of A26.161 the next time...
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    Building control and FIRE!

    Thanks the help. I needed to control all of the building Locations to gain a VP, but the Flame turning into a Blaze gave control of that Location back to the enemy. I just learned a new way to lose a scenario. Bah! Humbug!
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    Building control and FIRE!

    I gained control of a 2-hex building in the enemy's setup area by eliminating his last unit in the building on the ground level with a Flamethrower KIA result which also placed a Flame there. A turn later the Flame became a Blaze. Does control of that Location revert back to the enemy because...
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    Shock result on an Abandoned AFV?

    I want to destroy an abandoned enemy AFV for CVP. Does a Shock result apply to an abandoned AFV? Thanks in advance. Rick
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    FK&C scenario update location.

    Thanks! That's perfect! Rick
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    FK&C scenario update location.

    What Journal had the scenario updates contained in "For King And Country?" Thanks
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    A4.15 Infantry Overrun

    Ah, there it is! My mistake not looking at A10.1 which is referenced in A4.15. Thanks again.
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    A4.15 Infantry Overrun

    If a MMC fails the NTC needed to perform an Infantry Overrun is its MPh over? Thanks in advance, Rick
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    Platoon Move and Smoke Grenades

    You answered my questions and some that I hadn't even thought of yet. Thanks again, Rick
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    Platoon Move and Smoke Grenades

    My three Platoon-Moving CE Russian T-26 tanks want to throw vehicular smoke grenades as they move. Do they take one combined dr and place one grenade if successful? Do they take one combined dr and place three grenades if successful? Do they take three separate drs to see which tank(s) were...
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    Sugarloaf Hill Playtesting Underway!!!

    Awesome! I played it a bit with Tooz a while back and it was fun! While there are Caves there isn't a lot of other PTO terrain to further complicate things.
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    Target Selection Limits question.

    I have a MMC in a Location with an enemy AFV which has no useable MGs and the MA is not IFE capable. Considering the wording of A7.212 does my MMC prohibit the AFV from doing the following: Firing the MA outside of its own hex to Acquire an empty Open Ground hex? Firing the MA to place Smoke...