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  1. gulliver62

    Bitter Ender ASL Tournament April 18, 2024 through Sunday April 21, 2024

    If anyone is looking to split a room for the tournament, hit me up with a PM.
  2. gulliver62

    Broken Ground Design: Pre-order pricing closes Jan. 31st

    Paypal invoice paid! Now the wait.....
  3. gulliver62

    Tournament Food Poll

    Pretty new to the hobby and have only been to 2 tournaments so far. Personally, 14+ hours in the room is enough for me. I like to stretch my legs and relax my brain a bit so will go out and forage. 3 full days of fast/catered food is a bit much for me. The WO pizza offered one evening was...
  4. gulliver62

    What ASL Product Have You Bought Recently?

    Received all of the ASL for fun products from LCP. Getting these great maps laminated.
  5. gulliver62

    Maps for God Save the King

    Bob, I have some of the other packs somewhere around here. I'll try this weekend to pull them out. I believe several cover the same general area. If you don't hear from me in a few days ping me on IM and remind me.
  6. gulliver62

    Operation : Schmidt

    other than having been captured of course :D
  7. gulliver62

    FrF86 Belgian Tigers

    Thanks guys, good info. I have a long way to go and a lot to learn. I seem to be able to accomplish little with vehicles other than get them shot up.
  8. gulliver62

    FrF86 Belgian Tigers

    Why can the units not swim the canal using E6.x rules? If the units were forced across the bridge it would certainly make it more manageable on the Belgians only dealing with the smoke of the engineers. I do see in E6.4 now that the swimmers are 'unarmed units'. Would this mean that they...
  9. gulliver62

    FrF86 Belgian Tigers

    Jim Holt and I have been playing through the latest Friendly Fire pack as time allows. We finished up Belgian Tigers before Christmas with myself playing the Belgian defenders. Things stared off well enough with the Belgians beating back the German crossing of the bridge and a weak probe on the...
  10. gulliver62

    Real heros

    Col Frost and several other 1st Airborne men are in the 'A Bridge too Far' countermix.
  11. gulliver62

    10.51 Route Direction

    Assuming that the unit in G6 is your unit, I believe you must route to the closest target that does not bring you closer to a known enemy unit. I think you must target H5 but can continue on to H6 if you desire. H5 is 2 MF away and F4, G3 or H2 are 3MF away. I am far from an expert but that...
  12. gulliver62

    What is your main ASL pastime?

    My f2f is limited to our twice a month club get together. I hope to increase that next year but VASL offers me the ability to get in a game 2-3 hours at a sitting with a larger variety of opponents. Still love f2f but gaining a lot more experience playing multiple VASL games.
  13. gulliver62

    New Schwerpunkt #23 and Rally Point Vol 14 coming soon

    I'm playing a the third of the early war scenarios from the latest FrF pack now. I'm liking the vehicles in the early war scenarios and not having a PF lurking in every bush is nice too. Looking forward to seeing what is in the RP.
  14. gulliver62

    US 747 d boxcars

    Thanks, I missed the underlined morale!
  15. gulliver62

    US 747 d boxcars

    Sorry I am confused. The OP states I read this as there is an MC DR on a single 7-4-7. They exceed their ELR so why isn't the 7-4-7 just replaced with a broken 6-6-6 (failed MC breaks, exceed ELR forces unit replacement of the Elite with 1st line ')? I don't understand why the 7-4-7 is...
  16. gulliver62

    MMP November 2017 sale

    As a reference, I ordered multiple items including 'The Greatest Day' and shipping was $19 to Atlanta.
  17. gulliver62

    Swedish Fish

    and don't forget Afrika Korps. Or maybe they had the pink and blue reversed, I can't remember.
  18. gulliver62

    Swedish Fish

    I would just say that Polish forces saw action in WW2 actually much longer than many others. Yes, Poland was occupied in 1939 but their forces fought as part of the allied armies throughout the war and I believe in all 3 branches. Lest we forget the 1st Para brigade under Major General Gene...
  19. gulliver62

    SP180 Encircle This!

    Ramping up my practice with vehicles. Played this on VASL as the Russians. Initially, things went well with my kill stacks decimating the front lines of the Russians and using smoke I am able to push up to the edge of the factories. The side effect is that the Russians have routed back to the...