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  1. nebel

    Smoke Depletion #

    I prefer to imagine that in this case it is a chance for us to enjoy Russian смекалка “resourcefulness” that lets us use this unique tank in a unique way…
  2. nebel

    Smoke Depletion #

    SWEEEET! An AFV that could potentially place three smoke rounds in a prep fire phase! who is gonna design a scenario for this?
  3. nebel

    Banzai!! 29.1 Is Now Available For Download

    Doesn’t everyone that reads it get a cut of the royalties? 🆒🤪
  4. nebel

    Scenarios on U Boat Infantry?

    Kreigsmarine and Naval Infantry as well as some Luftwaffe ground units are featured in the Texel pack that the KC ASL club prod a few years ago.
  5. nebel

    SJ1 Grappling Glowaczow Errata

    Thanks Carl both my opponent and I who are pretty evenly matched thought this was a fun challenge and the mix of units is very nice. Definitely recommended for your tournament players! Nathan
  6. nebel

    eASLRB 2.1 Released

    HIPsters are now a lot more common as well and Organic orchards are rally terrain
  7. nebel

    SJ1 Grappling Glowaczow Errata

    Found the scenario SJ1 Grappling Glowaczow from the Northeaster tournament list and thought it looked good. Decided to play it this afternoon at our local club gathering. Highly recommended! balanced OOB and opportunity for both sides to manoeuvre and attack. one question is that German...
  8. nebel

    Twilight of the Reich Update

    or it could become the new normal…
  9. nebel

    Inor ERRATA

    Thanks for the clarifications. Appreciate the quick response as well. Getting setup now 🆒
  10. nebel

    Inor ERRATA

    CG3 Setup Questions... In the initial OOB do the French get 2 wagons (per Initial OB listed on P19) or 3 wagons (per the CG3 scenario card)? Does the 25LL AT (possibly including a wagon), and 8CPP setup south and east of R7-R18-M20-M37-UU37 (per Initial OB listed on P19) or in hexes =>7 <=37...
  11. nebel

    List of defunct ASL scenario creators

    So does that qualify as defunct?
  12. nebel

    INOR CG3 Setup Questions

    Can CPP spent on M1 fortifications be setup in Bois de la Hache and/or Inor Village?
  13. nebel

    INOR CG3 Initial Scenario Purchase Limits

    Thanks Lionel - is that in total or just for the village and Bois de la Hache woods? Can I set another set of each in the main area with the rest of the CPP?
  14. nebel

    INOR CG3 Setup Questions

    The 75ART is specified as being Limbered but it is a QSU Gun so that is not valid. Is it intended that the gun be under tow (ie “hooked up”)? SSR4 Specifies all French Units are pinned. Is this for all purposes including leadership, rate of fire, MG to kill, and ambush/CC? Also are the OB...
  15. nebel

    INOR CG3 Initial Scenario Purchase Limits

    The initial scenario rules on p19 and the French RG purchase chart indicate that I8 and/or I9 can be acquired to set up in the Bois de la Hache and Inor Village one RG per area. This is clearly indicating that either an I8 or I9 could be setup in both places or an I8 in one area and I9 in the...
  16. nebel

    OL 666

    Just downloaded the audio version!
  17. nebel

    Platoon Leader

    Hi Paul i would be interested will send PM and see if we can coordinate schedule and topic Nathan
  18. nebel

    ASLOK XXXVII - Official TD AAR

    Congrats Wes
  19. nebel

    INOR5 Bois de la Hache Question

    thanks - it was not clear because the setup reference specifically referred to the SSR
  20. nebel

    INOR5 Bois de la Hache Question

    French setup restriction says the French may not setup in Open Ground and refers to SSR2 which says both sides may setup entrenched in suitable terrain. Is it permissable then to setup in an open ground hex as long as I am entrenched thus providing TEM and not "Open Ground"?