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  1. von_meyer

    LFT246 Question

    Thanks X :)
  2. von_meyer

    LFT246 Question

    Hi, If the Italian chooses to hold 2 AFV (only) offboard to come on as reinforcements, can they elect to come on on any Turn they choose, be that T1, T2 or T3? TIA, Great pack!
  3. von_meyer

    AFV platoon movement & Armoured assault

    Hi, D14.33 allows armoured assault with platoon movement (with restrictions)... Am I reading D14.333 correctly in that with normal (non HW) infantry movement it allows only one infantry stack to armoured assault with a platoon of AFV? So you could not move a platoon of 2 AFV, each with a...
  4. von_meyer

    LCP Hells Highway

    Thanks for the replies all. I think the combination of the numerous Panthers, combined with a shortage of armour for the allies plus the multitude of German halftracks does make it very difficult for the allies. Perhaps, as suggested, recalling the passenger carrying vehicles once empty might...
  5. von_meyer

    LCP Hells Highway

    Just looking for other people's experiences with the full campaign game, having just called a day on our I really like LCP products but a bit bemused by this, perhaps it was just bad luck but I was not enjoying the experience as the Allies. By scenario three end I was still facing...
  6. von_meyer

    Dispatches from the Bunker #44 Transmitted Today (Rees HASL)

    Excellent! Looking forward to playing this
  7. von_meyer

    ASL in the coming year

    Jim, move to Europe! I can handle 1900 - 2200 GMT, but not, unfortunately, EST..... Hope you get sorted and Happy New Year! Best, Gordon
  8. von_meyer

    Controlled Buildings

    A26.11 GAINING CONTROL: At scenario start a side gains Control of all Locations/hexes/buildings within its set-up area [EXC: if within both sides' set-up areas], as well as all Locations/hexes/buildings on a board if that side is the only side which may set up on that board at scenario start...
  9. von_meyer

    ASLOK XXXI Official TD AAR

    Yes, disappointed not to be there this year, but I had a good run of attendances so can't complain Hope everyone has a good time :) Gordon