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  1. Paul S NJ

    The ASL Word of the Day

    Bastion BAS-chən Part of speech: noun Origin: French, mid-16th century 1 An institution, place, or person strongly defending or upholding particular principles, attitudes, or activities. 2 A projecting part of a fortification built at an angle to the...
  2. Paul S NJ

    FT101 - Fire and Ice

    Played this fun scenario with Vince Lewonski at Jim Brackin's annual Bunker Bash. It's always a pleasure to see Jim and the gang there and Jim organizes a terrific get-together. I was the attacking Germans in Yugoslavia in winter, 1943. 6 SS 468 with two Flame Char-B's attack along a...
  3. Paul S NJ


    Personally, I feel very fortunate we have extremely safe and effective vaccines available. It's made a big difference to have most folks vaccinated where I live. Here is the data, draw your own conclusions. My county (Morris, NJ) has ~500k folks. We were hit hit hard April/May/June of 2020...
  4. Paul S NJ

    Festung Budapest CGII 3.0 (Dennis Brothers)

    First of all Bill did a great job with the module overall. I love CG3, it's a blast. I played it three times. The flavor of tough SS/PzGr units degenerating into rabble due to ammo shortage/other penalties is pretty vivid. However I agree with Honza that the initial scenario of CG1(and 2) is...
  5. Paul S NJ

    Tournament Purpose

    I agree with Jim, the main purpose of a tournament is to play ASL competitively, see friends, and have fun. Winning is certainly gratifying and intense championship games are pretty awesome to play. But everyone should know that any given game of ASL can be dominated by a few great or bad...
  6. Paul S NJ

    The Agony of Doom, comments and AARs requested

    I agree this is a lot of fun; and also one of the least balanced AH/MMP scenarios ever. The 9-2/PSK combo is like a lethal lightsaber chopping through Russian armor. Still pretty darn fun ASL though and worth the time.
  7. Paul S NJ

    Tussle in the Tundra 2021 - August 5-8th - Manchester, NH

    Thanks Chuck for organizing a fun and well-run tournament. The scenarios I played were all well balanced and the whole tournament ran smoothly. Nice prizes and giveaways from all the generous sponsors too! Thanks to my opponents for some great games. Felt awesome to hear the massed...
  8. Paul S NJ

    For that glacially slow ASL player in your life.....

    About 15 years ago I invited (and paid for) Blink's author, Malcolm Gladwell, to join the executives of our pharma company to discuss strategic options to be considered in our 5 year strategy process. He was impressive and articulated critical industry issues as well as any of the executives...
  9. Paul S NJ


    Can't wait! Reservation made by phone. One note Steve is the online reservation using the 'Asl championship' group name only allows a weds-monday reservation. Easy enough to change anytime later, but wouldn't want any attendees to be surprised to be charged for Weds night.
  10. Paul S NJ

    AP164 Sparrow Force

    Played this nice PTO scenario with Ron Duenskie this week. Took us four hours of game time. IJA has ten 1st line squads (four striped) defending a hut village on a hill. The defense also has a 70 INF gun and an MMG with crews. The crews give an extra squad of HIP as crews count for the HIP...
  11. Paul S NJ

    AP164 VC

    Klas, I'm still confused. So to fulfill VC#1 it's 6 total hut hexes, including J9 and I11. Or to fulfill VC#2 it's 8 total hut hexes including at least one of J9 or I11. So if you only get one of the pair, then you need more hut hexes. That's the only way it makes sense to me but it's a bit...
  12. Paul S NJ

    AP164 VC

    The VC in Sparrow force are a bit confusing to me. VC #1 is control 6 hut hexes and hexes J9 and I11 VC #2 is 8 hut hexes and hexes J9/I11. Question- Does the slash in the 2nd one mean J9 or I11?
  13. Paul S NJ

    AP163 Dingoes at Damour

    Enjoyed this tournament sized scenario from the Aussie Action Pack. My first Asl game since November! 12 Aussie 447 with two Mark VI (10 CMG, 1 armor) plus three carriers vs 10 Vichy 457 plus a 75* gun (AP5) reinforced with two AC's turn 2 (with 37* and 4 lmg). The vichy set up in a cluster of...
  14. Paul S NJ

    J44 / ASL238 Audacity - AAR

    Bob, I think you make a good point about the continuous slope rule and alpine hills. I can only say I haven't played it that way. I've only applied it to same level LOS. I would be hesitant to play (this scenario at least) using that interpretation without a prior player agreement or a Perry...
  15. Paul S NJ

    Pacific mini series

    BoB is a 10/10 so it's a tough comparison. One aspect of TP I thought was very well done was the return of the veterans to civilian life (and to some degree the return of Basilone to a hero's welcome after guadalcanal). The series depicts alienation, the strangeness of normal life, and the...
  16. Paul S NJ

    advance into a rubble hex carrying a mantled 50 Mtr

    Simon, Yes it may advance and then it becomes CX. It can even retain concealment doing this. If already CX it may not advance vs difficult terrain (with the exception of a deep stream).
  17. Paul S NJ

    CBC article on Curt Schilling

    FWIW my 2 cents. Curt had an amazing, spectacular baseball career, HOF or not. His personal involvement with MMP saved ASL at its critical moment, for which we all should be very thankful (along with the MMP guys who continue to steward the game system). Most entrepreneurial ventures fail; and...
  18. Paul S NJ

    Setting Up Concealed

    Hi, I would start by saying you are correct that the SSR is a bit confusing, but you are correct in your interpretations. First of all since both sides setup on-board you are not a 'Scenario Defender', and don't get to setup automatically concealed, unless using OB-given concealment. Second...
  19. Paul S NJ

    What is the toughest/hardest scenario you ever played ?

    Some days you eat the bear, and some days the bear eats you. For me it was Kings of the Bollersdorf a couple years against Ron Duenskie. In 1.5 turns one 6-5-8 flamed/recalled five of my T-34/85s and killed four squads outright. He found and hit the mark with two PF, used FPF twice, including...
  20. Paul S NJ

    My ASL year in 2020

    14 games, all FTF (about a third of a normal year). 11-3 with five at home vs Ron Duenskie and 8 at the marvelous-wonderful-thank goodness for-Gettysburg tourney (including a house call with Phil Palmer). 3-2 as attacker and 8-1 as defender. Still holding off from using VASL. Here's to a...