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  1. A/CSM Bird

    Great to see you if you make it up here. My social media footprint is small. I am on Discord...

    Great to see you if you make it up here. My social media footprint is small. I am on Discord for voice comms or email or I'll look into alternatives if necessary
  2. A/CSM Bird

    How are you, Сукин сын ! Bill Bird here. Hope you are well. Thinking of you in these dark days...

    How are you, Сукин сын ! Bill Bird here. Hope you are well. Thinking of you in these dark days and interesting times. Would like to chat if that's OK. Let me know if we can connect. Cheers
  3. A/CSM Bird

    Half Tracks and ASL

    We sort of did that one time by SSR in a Double Blind ASL match. One side got a single hex OBA module of 8FP. It was used to cut access paths and to hit a crossroad by the defender. I think your ideas are doable by simple SSR without too much trouble. The key word is simple.
  4. A/CSM Bird

    Half Tracks and ASL

    We've done some of that, on a smaller scale, in DYO where each side purchased multiple OBA modules and got them down landing in a small vital space for both sides. Carnage for anyone not in a stone building, trench, cellar, etc. and sometimes that was no respite either when four OBA are landing...
  5. A/CSM Bird


    Excellent. Chilling. Good performances all around. Branagh and Tucci are particularly good. Permanent selection on my PVR, recorded it in HD from HBO when we finally got HBO here in Canada. Highly recommended.
  6. A/CSM Bird


    One thing that struck me was the guy in the wheel chair. A human powered roll on the ground wheelchair?? Nobody heard of Dean Kamen the guy behind the Segway. He has prototype, three to five years ago now, mobile devices for the disabled that allow them to 'stand' and even navigate stairs. Not...
  7. A/CSM Bird


    I picked this up this week-end and watched it last night. Michael's review was bang-on:) This film is soooo much better than the critics' reviews when it debuted. They were so ready to slam Tom Cruise that they didn't see what a good film this is. Good story, well told and a top notch cast...
  8. A/CSM Bird


    Re: Valkyrie it's on my list now Thanks for the review Michael, I was on the fence in regards to picking this one up or not because of all those negative reviews, I will now. HBO in Canada has been re-playing "Conspiracy" the film they made about the Wansee Conference starring Kenneth...
  9. A/CSM Bird

    Star Trek

    Just got back from the theatre and we all enjoyed the movie. The 'alternate history' plot device worked as well as reported in reviews and the new cast is great especially Karl Urban as McCoy and Simon Pegg as Scotty. I think we're in for 20 years of a new film franchise.
  10. A/CSM Bird

    Final Battlestar Galactica tonight!

    Whatever happened we'll still have "33". Best. Episode. Ever!
  11. A/CSM Bird

    Sad News about our friend Jim Mcleod

    It with great sadness that I return to these forums after a long hiatus to report the passing of Jim Mcleod. Jim was found dead at work yesterday afternoon. Details are slim at this time and I'll report with more info as I receive it. Funeral plans, for those who can attend, will be posted...
  12. A/CSM Bird


    Just got home from seeing Appaloosa the new Ed Harris, Viggo Mortensen duster. I enjoyed it very much and I'll give it a 'go see' reccommendation. 1882 Mew Mexico town harrased by a rich bully and his gang hires two gun-hands Harris/Mortensen to replace their missing/presumed deceased...
  13. A/CSM Bird

    Do you go to the theater or buy DVDs?

    I do all the top 3 actually but TV seems to be my most preferred venue of late, 50" HDTV with HD cable package. The theatre is still an option for the 'big' film blockbuster releases ie LOTR and the like, or some of the small, foreign, obscure films my female friends want to see. ...and...
  14. A/CSM Bird

    Music: what are you Listening to now?

    Re: The Obligatory What Are You Listening To thread Led Zep first album, tying to pretend I'm at the reunion concert:p
  15. A/CSM Bird

    The Great War

    If it's the same one that was on TV recently(PBS or History TV-Canada) then it is pretty good. I remember a female narrator and lots of digitally re-mastered original film some of which I had never seen before. Definitely worth watching and for only $6 a bargain.;)
  16. A/CSM Bird

    Sci-fi films are as dead as Westerns, says Ridley Scott

    I agree with most of your blog entry, except one. A little humor is OK.:D Too much of anything is,... well, too much, I agree and there probably is a tug-of-war going on between the screen writers and directors to 'lighten up' the script. We are not likely to see a 'meeting of the minds' like...
  17. A/CSM Bird

    Music: what are you Listening to now?

    Arcade Fire
  18. A/CSM Bird

    The War by Ken Burns

    That's great Mark. History at the HS level in many places in Canada is no longer a mandatory course. You are to be commended for keeping the memory of WWII, the most important event in modern times IMO, alive in the minds of our youth. Well done, carry on.;)
  19. A/CSM Bird

    The War by Ken Burns

    Wow, a WWII Class?!!:surprise: How does that class go over with the students, Mark?
  20. A/CSM Bird

    The War by Ken Burns

    Well, anyone watch the first episode of Ken Burns' new doc 'The War'? I thought it was pretty good. Keith David narration is always good. 5.1 surround was a little sparse but it was kinda neat to hear the projector chatter from the rear spkrs during the newsreels, the explosions had good low...