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  1. xenovin

    Today in ASL I ... (Day to day ASL doings)

    Honza, under the new regime, I don't think we are allowed to talk about black SS counters anymore. Nice you are switching to blue.
  2. xenovin

    2nd Moderation Thread

    So, anybody notice the theme song for the Pink Panther has "Dinant" a whole bunch of times in it?
  3. xenovin

    Errata for Vae Victis scenarios

    Sort of. I got a hold of English translations for a big chunk of them and have been slowly inserting it back into the original scenario cards. LFT just did a bunch of them in LFT 14 (plus tweaks). Having a few issues as the translations sometimes don’t match the French (as best that I can...
  4. xenovin

    Errata for Vae Victis scenarios

    Hey Hox - i'm working on the next batch.
  5. xenovin

    ASL Starter Kit Expansion Pack #2 now on preorder

    LOL - actually that is the same map but I was playing from the other direction! the great thing with geoboards is that you can see all kinds of different places in them.
  6. xenovin

    ASL Starter Kit Expansion Pack #2 now on preorder

    I playtested a scenario on a different version of board k and I thought it was way cool for SK. I guess it was too densely urban so mellowed out to this version. Still nice to have a new urban board for SK and put board z to rest.
  7. xenovin

    Doing my part, in these trying times.

    make him use your dice so you know they aren't fixed
  8. xenovin

    2nd Moderation Thread

    wait, what?! every GS thread by page 2 is morphed into something completely different then the original post. some of the best comments on the game are buried in the middle of threads you would never look twice at.
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    I thought Schwerpunkt was done doing anything with starter kit but if so, it would be around October when they release packs for ASLOK.
  10. xenovin

    Status of Peleliu HASL

    I’m glad someone gets my humor ? It was a monster clash when the two sides engaged.
  11. xenovin

    Status of Peleliu HASL

    I saw Tooz at ASLOK playtesting one of the small scenarios
  12. xenovin

    Discord is down!

    You’re OK, that admin is taking a break from GS.
  13. xenovin

    Errata for Vae Victis scenarios

    hoxson is the one who loads all these images into the scenario archive so I guess he found his answer?
  14. xenovin

    Errata for Vae Victis scenarios

    I also am looking for official errata for VV scenarios. I guess they are not collected anyplace?
  15. xenovin

    Human Waves...

    Human waves weren't in the training manuals. They were a result of inept and/or under-trained officers who lacked the ability to coordinated attacks (or fearful of countermanding a superior's orders) thus they sent troops out in repeated waves of frontal assaults to the slaughter. To the...
  16. xenovin

    Has anyone tried to storyboard ASL scenario's

    Check out the various "squad bleeder" series of scenarios (example: or the march madness WWI double-blind pack ( these are both double-blind systems where you...
  17. xenovin

    Really? "Closed due to Political Content"

    Well GS already has one foot in the grave so I guess it’s good we shoot the other knee.
  18. xenovin

    Pleva dice towers

    While I have a few towers, I switched to the cup for ASL out of ease of transport and ability of my opponent to see what I rolled. While most will say they can see their dice just fine in their tower, it’s not always as easy for their opponent on the other side of the table. So now I use the cup.
  19. xenovin

    Pleva dice towers

    Sam Belcher used to make nice towers too. I have on of Daniel’s towers and is very good. There’s also a guy in Italy making really nice towers wrapped with ASL map board artwork.
  20. xenovin

    What happened to that hour?

    Steel Panthers. The underlying mechanisms used ASL To Hit/To Kill - at least the very first version did.