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  1. Yarlis

    DYO Campaign extension version 4.6

    Thanks for your work, Apbills. Very useful tools indeed. I have found a minor bug in the tab Admin/Additional Resources/ToHit. When showing a 6 for range, the displayed radius is really 8, not 6.
  2. Yarlis

    Le Franc Tireur 15

    In Scenario FT280 Salvation at the temple, SSR 1 states that "...The only road that exist runs from LFT6A5-P4-Q10-LFT8Q1-X6-Y7-GG5". The setting up instructions for the Japanese say that units set up on the road "...LFT6P6-Q10-LFT8Q10-X7-Y7-CC6 (see SSR 3). The board configuration, as printed...
  3. Yarlis

    LFT Overlay Help

    As fas as I know, overlay FT02 is specific for board 45, as noted in scenario FT22 "El Alcázar de Toledo" depicting the so-named building/fortress. I think that it had no numbers, just hex coordinates. Regarding Overlay FT01, it is used in scenario FT16 "Les 3 communes", on board 9. As...
  4. Yarlis

    Hakkaa Paalle Counters Query

    I think that Russian Vehicle note P (searchlights) includes the rules for those counters, which were included in Hakkaa Päälle.
  5. Yarlis

    Nhpum Ga - Maggot Hill...

    There are two Japanese Forces: one of them sets up as you said (hexrows T-W); the second force (114th and 55th Infantry Regiments) sets up north (on/between hexrows A and C and/or enter on a single turn on/after Turn 2 along the east or west edge), so I guess they could be positioned to deny...
  6. Yarlis

    PAFIZER ACES #4 Panzers Forward Q

    Out of the attic #2 Scenario number OA17
  7. Yarlis

    Gun firing HE on VTT to a non-beached LC

    Thanks Klas
  8. Yarlis

    Gun firing HE on VTT to a non-beached LC

    We are playing our first landing scenario, ASL149 Grabbing Gavutu, and somehow we find relatively easy to hit and sunk the LC with the Japanese 70mm Gun as they approach the beach. The Gun uses HE on the VTT, as per G12.62. The Basic TH number is 10 (0-6 range), 9 (7-12 range), etc. Suppose a...
  9. Yarlis

    VASL Map Online Problem/Suggestion Form

    Hi, just to report that IP Carrier AOV from KoreaFW shows a +1 size, while the counter in VASL shows a +2 size.
  10. Yarlis

    Forgotten War Q & A.

    The M37HMC (Vehicle Note 21) is shown as a T turret Type in the counter image and in the Vehicle Listing. As this is really a non-turreted vehicle, I wonder if being a T-vehicle in ASL is deliberate, or it has somehow erraticized. Also, the M4A3E8(105) is shown in the counter image as ST, while...
  11. Yarlis

    VASL Map Online Problem/Suggestion Form

    I remember than you could change Orchards to Olive Trees, but I cannot find the option anymore. Somebody know how to do it? Was it somehow discarded in some update? Thanks.
  12. Yarlis

    A1.12; ASL 75 Victory Condition: Definition of "MMC"

    19.3 INEXPERIENCED PERSONNEL RESTRICTIONS: A Green MMC stacked with an unbroken leader is exempt from the restrictive rules of Inexperienced Personnel, which always apply to Conscripts/ Unarmed-units regardless of leader presence. 19.36 LAX: Inexperienced Personnel are Lax (11.18).
  13. Yarlis

    New program to help set up VASL scenarios

    Hi, here's a screenshot testing v0.10 beta 2. Getting the images from the internet causes an insignificant delay in VASSAL. It freezes for about 1 second. Apparently, everything regarding images which previously didn't load is solved. Just two minor comments: 1. The snippet for the German...
  14. Yarlis

    VASL Map Online Problem/Suggestion Form

    Didn't know it a was a known problem. Thanks for the info.
  15. Yarlis

    VASL Map Online Problem/Suggestion Form

    When using HIP for a Japanese HS, the image gets confused with what it seems a full Japanese Squad.
  16. Yarlis

    New program to help set up VASL scenarios

    Same problem here with counter images and flags. Running W10, Java1.8.211, VASSAL 3.2.17 and VASL 6.4.4.
  17. Yarlis

    Russian KV1 M39

    In my Russian Chap H and the Vehicle Listing, the KV1 M39 is shown as Low Ground Pressure. But in scenarios in which it appears is usually shown as Normal ground Pressure (check AP12 cream of the crop, ASL125 First crisis at Army Group North, J187 In deadly combat). Which is the correct one?
  18. Yarlis

    VASL Map Online Problem/Suggestion Form

    Hi, British DUKW counter with the optional AAMG lacks the ROF 2 number. Thanks for correcting.
  19. Yarlis

    VASL Map Online Problem/Suggestion Form

    The British ACs Humber III LRC and Otter LRC (Veh Note 45) have Optional ATR, but I can't find the counters in VASL. Maybe they are missing. Thanks.
  20. Yarlis

    VASL Map Online Problem/Suggestion Form

    VASL British counter for the Challenger AFV lacks the 1 ROF, as updated in MMP errata webpage. Thanks for correcting. p.H56 [British Vehicle Note 21] ((A30) Challenger): This vehicle has Fast Traverse (D1.31) and a 1 ROF, not the Slow Traverse (D1.32) and 0 ROF shown in the 1st Edition of West...