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  1. Carln0130

    Looking for early war scenarios

    Steve Johns classic. It's a goodun.
  2. Carln0130

    Backblast chances

    I'm still working on why I logged on. ;-)
  3. Carln0130

    Backblast chances

    Well, this has nothing to do with whether it is good simulation value, but it does have to do with the cold math. So, it's interesting to see it spelled out. Will I remember any of it? Well no.............
  4. Carln0130

    New PTO HASL

    Mr. Repetti's work is indeed excellent.
  5. Carln0130

    CG listings by publishers and complexities

    We call him a bested frequently. Of course, with the New England accent it does sound a little different, but that's what we meant........................honest.
  6. Carln0130

    MMP Roundtable Discussion

    This is my understanding as well. No hold, just a lot in front of it at the moment.
  7. Carln0130

    MMP Roundtable Discussion

    Seems to work. Nice missiles them Aussies have.
  8. Carln0130


    I prefer the follow-up line: Some men you - just- can't- reach. ( I use it for all failings of 9-2's and higher).
  9. Carln0130

    CG listings by publishers and complexities

    Not super complex, true, but the Singling CG from Operations magazine is probably the best entry level CG, if you are looking to ease into them.
  10. Carln0130

    Today in ASL I ... (Day to day ASL doings)

    Yeah, I enjoy having people play the Dinant CG. They need to be alive to do this. Just dropping this down to the LCD.
  11. Carln0130

    MMP Roundtable Discussion

    There is usually a lag of a few months with the MMP products to give them a chance to get out the door. In the big scheme of things, that seems fair.
  12. Carln0130

    Shanghaid, the port for hijacked threads

    A port for hijacked threads? No wonder the site crashed.
  13. Carln0130

    New Sad News over at MMP

    I only dealt with Vicki once, but remember her being a real class act. Devastating news. I am very sorry to hear of her loss.
  14. Carln0130

    Gliders and Wire

    It's not a Perry Sez. Note the An96 annotation. That means it was actually official errata in an Annual. Granted some time ago, but the Perry Sez was just echoing the original official errata.
  15. Carln0130

    Gliders and Wire

    This is an official Q&A directly on the wire topic: E8.232 & E9.42 A glider/parachute always lands beneath any Wire counter in its hex. [p.E2690; An96; Mw] I agree it is sequential CC.
  16. Carln0130

    Second HASL after RF, need some help.

    In our self-serving shameless plug department, there is always Dinant.
  17. Carln0130

    Playtesters wanted for BFP's Sangshak HASL scenarios and CG

    Nay, nay Marshall. Or is that Ney, ney?
  18. Carln0130

    Playtesters wanted for BFP's Sangshak HASL scenarios and CG

    Got it and replied Charlie. Thank you and Jim.
  19. Carln0130

    Playtesters wanted for BFP's Sangshak HASL scenarios and CG

    You may be overqualified for this job..............................................
  20. Carln0130

    Getting the BPV of SS AE right.

    Aren't the official BPV calculations locked in a vault at MMP anyway? 🆒