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    Mike's play list for ASLOK XXXVI 2022

    Mike, Thanks for posting you play list. It gave me a few ideas. Stan
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    ASLOK XXXVI - October 2nd-9th, 2022

    Anybody have their playlist together for ASLOK? I will be playing in the PTO minis but I am looking for a list of good scenarios that have come out in the last year or so that are tournament size for after I get knocked out of the Minis.
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    2022 St Louis ASL Tourney July 29-31.

    A Quick AAR from the St Louis tournament : round 1 Great Vengeance vs Maurizio We bid for sides and I bid G0 and Maurizio bid A0. I had played this scenario previously as the Brits and was decimated quickly. In that playing I had split the British forces evenly on each flank and got smoke to...
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    Mud Question

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    Mud Question

    If the environmental conditions are defined as mud can you still fire smoke into an OG or non OG (Woods for example) hex? A24.6 Smoke has no effect in Mud. Does that just refer to the OG hexes that have the mud movement penalties or also to non OG hexes like woods. E3.6 is the Mud section
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    CG questions

    one more CG question: When a reserve platoon is purchased you can get up to 5 dummy reserve counters. When an enemy unit enter LOS and 3 hexes of the dummy reserve counter can you convert the reserve ? to a couple of regular ? to pretend like it was a real reserve unit that was activated.
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    CG questions

    I have not played a CG in a while and I had 2 questions: RF 11.6061 The perimeter overlaps and one side has units in the overlapped area(isolated units Case C). Is the overlapped area treated as an isolated area that only the units in can set up in or does the entire overlapped area convert...
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    DC Hero Q

    A DC hero makes a charge and at 6MF gets wounded so he does not have enough movement to enter the enemy location(2MF for next hex) in the movement phase. Is he eliminated or pinned or can he advance in the CC phase to blow up his DC? the last line of G1.423 seems to indicate that he could...
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    Rules question on M3A1 US vehicle

    Thanks to all! I understand now. I guess I should post my errata. Stan
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    Rules question on M3A1 US vehicle

    Klas, Yes I was referring to the scout car. There is a little bit of confusion because the player has the choice of the inherant PRC as an infantry crew. The rules refer to a crew removing but in the rules you can only assume that it is the vehicle crew they are referring to. To see if i...
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    Rules question on M3A1 US vehicle

    I had a question about the M3A1 US Vehicle: it has a choice of a 227 infantry crew or 346 1/2 squad as an inherant PRC in addition to the vehicle crew. the vehicle has a dm 50cal and dm MMG that is removeable. For normal 1/4 MP's unloading can the PRC take both the 50 cal and the MMG or may...
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    St Louis AAR

    I got to go to a FTF tournament this year, Yeah! Even though I had my first VASL games this year there is nothing like playing face to face against the great guys at the St Louis Tournament. I won some great raffle prizes and a bingo as well. Round 1 Gecki- Cacti versus Tommy C. I was the...
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    How do you like to organize your vehicle counters?

    Steve, You ought to be proud for your creativity! You truly made a contribution to the hobby. Thanks, Stan
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    How do you like to organize your vehicle counters?

    I use custom Raaco storage trays that are 3D printed. One Cell in the array for each individual vehicle. The guns are stored the same way. All the Russian, US, Chinese, French, and Finns go in one 3High Raaco storage tray (3 total trays for all veh and ordance in the system including BFP 3rd...
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    RO1 Blood On The Tracks

    Alan Saltzman and I played this at ASLOK for an open game. I was the German and Alan had played it before so he had a good set up with the wire and mines. Even with the change in VC to give german an either/or VC it is not enough against a good Russian Defender. I lost narrowly as alan crept...
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    Raaco Insert 3D printed
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    After a game, what factors do you consider important when deciding whether a scenario's fun?

    Bob, I agree: To Ashes should fit several of the criteria. All of these are ideals to strive for, but I would think that a small percentage of the overall number of scenarios fit the above criteria. Stan
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    After a game, what factors do you consider important when deciding whether a scenario's fun?

    From Memory : quantity vs quality Hill 621 Different Strategies : Amerikana Sukha, Kleckerwise, Anatoly's ambush, Sweeping movements and different path to VC : Apples To apples Both sides attack/counterattack: Brandenburgers bridge Fighting withdrawal: Fighting withdrawal Balanced; see Roar
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    After a game, what factors do you consider important when deciding whether a scenario's fun?

    Some items that make it fun for me: A balanced scenario with chances for both sides Both sides get to either attack or counterattack There are sweeping movements across large areas versus in one small area Both sides have multiple choices for attack and defense strategies such that it increases...
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    St Louis Tournament July 26-28, 2019

    Paul, A brief recollection of the scenarios from memory( does not even qualify as an AAR): Round 1 Russian vs Wes Vaughn in Wiener Walzer I had not played it before but Wes told me it was fun so we diced for sides. My ATG was set up in 4 R7 and my tank was in 4 Y10(bad spot because it loses...