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  1. Maxwelk1

    How to become better at using AFVs in ASL?

    Actually. "Panzer Gegen Panzer was in OoA2. OoA1 had an excellent treatise on the Night rules. Question: is there an actual article anywhere specifically on the Dance Of Death?
  2. Maxwelk1

    Upcoming new journal?

    J13 and Board #77 -- BUMP!!!
  3. Maxwelk1

    VASL Patch

    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I can now work with with files from Rising Sun!
  4. Maxwelk1

    PROKHOROVKA! game on pre-order now at!!

    This is great news, and I will gladly purchase the re-release of Brevity, and await the reissue of Biazza, not to mention Prokh.!
  5. Maxwelk1

    Big Trouble with BFPv5.00.vmdx

    zgrose Helped me straighten out my difficulties with extensions, and I can now do them on my own. THX, zgrose!
  6. Maxwelk1

    Big Trouble with BFPv5.00.vmdx

    GLADLY! I have Discord, should I look for you?
  7. Maxwelk1


    I am having an awful time trying to download the Bounding Fire Production Extension -- BFPv5.00.vmdx . Somehow, I've managed to declare it a "Notebook" file, which obviously does not work. Big Al suggested I try a PDF file, and so far that is not working, either. Could somebody help me with this...
  8. Maxwelk1

    Big Trouble with BFPv5.00.vmdx

    After two afternoons trying to get the new BFP Extension -- BFPv5.00.vmdx -- to download, it is time to throw myself at the mercy of der godz, and perhaps they can help (or perhaps Valhalla is not for me). My problem starts when I try to download the Extension from the VASL.Info site, it...
  9. Maxwelk1

    VASL Map Online Problem/Suggestion Form

    I got the same result when I downloaded old, OLD VASL (6.1). I then brought the scenario up to 6.2.2 and then saved it under VASSAL 3.5.5 and VASL 6.6.2. and still got the same result as etopp.
  10. Maxwelk1

    VASSAL 3.5.6 Released

    Does this do anything to enhance VASL 6.6.2, or should I wait until the next VASL release becomes available? -- currently at VASSAL 3.5.5 and VASL 6.6.2
  11. Maxwelk1

    VASL overlay issue

    Unfortunately, not on my 'puter. I'm looking at the way I've set my VASL up. Something changed, and I need to find what that was.
  12. Maxwelk1

    VASL overlay issue

    OBTW, what became of "Overlays Classic"? One day I had them and the next day I did NOT have them, and I am concerned, not to mention pissed off. The great thing about the old overlays is your could make them change with the seasons. Also, they would NOT stick out over the board edge unless i...
  13. Maxwelk1

    How to order?

    Ordered my copy of "Brevity Assault" from them today. And now, like the rest of you, I but sit and wait.....
  14. Maxwelk1

    BFP VASL Extension Update

    My issue is still there, but I've had to put it aside to concentrate on an FTF this weekend. A wonderful problem to have!
  15. Maxwelk1

    BFP VASL Extension Update

    No, it does not. I get PDF files, but my PC (Windows 10) does not recognize them as valid emails. This could be my problem. How do I do that?
  16. Maxwelk1

    BFP VASL Extension Update

    BigAl, I am having a real problem getting the BFP, or ANY extension to download. I try to download, and it downloads to a PDF file, which my PC says is "Not Valid". I am still on VASL 6.5.1, and will be updating to 6.6.2 and the attendent VASSAL when I am reasonably sure I can get all this to...
  17. Maxwelk1

    Help with Extensions

    I found that I had two copies of VASL 5.6.1 loaded, and one of them was missing the extensions, and the other was not. deleted the copy of 5.6.1 that did not have the BFP extensions loaded, and then VASL saw everything. I should be fine until some new extensions come along. Larry
  18. Maxwelk1

    Help with Extensions

    Well! I completely reloaded my VASL, and got my extensions back -- EXCEPT! -- my BFP extensions. Apparently the BFP gang has updated their extensions listings and now show them under Adobe. I think that's new. Also, my VASL (5.6.1) doesn't know what to do with this. This particular bug is going...