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  1. Uncle Joe

    Kreta Review

    I really can't decide if to buy this or not. I'm interested in the action, and think it is nice to have a HASL for a new area - landing Ju52's under fire sounds like fun. But I already own OtO and haven't played any of that yet, so I guess Kreta would be shelved and not played before OtO...
  2. Uncle Joe

    What boardgames have you played recently?

    We had a gathering of old gamers last weekend, and even completed some games between the beers: Brittania - (the Romans (played by me) did their worst ever invasion of Britain - everybody managed to kill off some Roman Elites - never recovered after that) 1870 - Railroads along the...
  3. Uncle Joe

    New members introduce yourself here

    Greetings, ASLers I'm from Norway, works as an engineer, 36 years old, 3 children from 4 years old and down. I guess have a more than average interest in history with focus conflicts. East Front of WWII has the main focus, as the tank war is my favourite topic. As my wife have a rather high...