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    America's Army...

    Uhmmm...not at all, I'm a great fan of Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon... Wolfdreamer
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    CMAK PBEM Ladder Challenger Needed!!

    Hi BigMik, It's ok for me, I can play 4-5 turns per week (even more on the weekend)and if you dont mind i'd like to play the Germans. Usually I like medium-big scenarios or operations and at least 2000 to 3000 points quick battles. If you wish you are free to choose our first scenario...
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    How many games to keep you busy?

    Currently 11 : 3 Combat Mission and 8 Toaw-Cow of which 1 Italy, 1 Korea 50-51, 2 Warsaw Pact vs Nato(Red Thunder88 and 1979 Next War) 2 North African Campaign, 1 Fall Grau and 1 Race for Tunis. (Per aspera ad astra) ;)
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    Loooking for some ladder TCP\IP games, here i'm Hi Dadsturf, I can give ya my ping...(got an ISDN connection) to play instantly any CMBO,CMBB,CMAK game you wish....i usually play on German or Italian side best regards Wolfdreamer (Enrico):) My e-mail is've...
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    Instant TCP\IP opponents wanted

    Hi, My name is Wolfdreamer, i've got an ISDN connection and i'm looking for opponents in TCP/IP, RIGHT NOW!!!!...i've got CMBO, CMBB and what are you waiting for? (usually i play on german or italian side, anything will be ok from operations, to scenario and quick battle...the choice...
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    opponents wanted for anything else than WWII scenarios

    i'm looking for some opponents in modern warfare scenarios,WWI scenarios, the huge American Civil War scenario, or anything else..(i'm quite tired of WWII scenarios). Please reply at:
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    New Campaign Season -- Seeking Games!!!

    New campaign seasons -seeking games Well, i'd like to play huge scenarios like WWI or WWII, but even modern warfare scenarios or campaigns are ok since anything you'll suggest should last not less than 30 moves. I would dare to propose the campaign for North Africa 41-43 ( i really love it) but...
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    What music do like to listen playing games?? the way, can someone tell how do i change the national flag under my name (i'm not from USA)....
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    What music do like to listen playing games??

    What music do you listen playng turns? Almost anything from Bach to the Stooges and the latest alternative rock bands: anyway if i'm winning i usually listen to Led Zeppelin or Neil Young while if i'm cut off behind enemy lines without supply and cornered i like Joy Division. P.S being a...